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The Chick That's Playing Lois Lane

Maximus Rex
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Eariler in the week the powers that be announced who's going to be playing Lois Lane in the next Supes movie. It's Amy Adams. Being that I don't follow celebrities and she's not really overwhelmingly hot, I have no idea who this chick is.



I can't comment on Amy Adams acting ability, looks wise, I don't she's hot enough to be Lois. I picture Lois as being that hot, uber aggressive, nerdy chick. Lois' beauty and sexuality isn't overt like Cat Grant's. It's subtle and understatement. The perfect analogy would be Cat Grant is to Lois Lane as Marilyn Monroe was to Elizabath Taylor.

I'm just hoping the antagonist in the Supes movie isn't Lex. Anybody, but Lex.