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LE Tournament #2 ROUND TWO - Disciplined InSight -VS- Young-Ice

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Disciplined InSight -VS- Young-Ice
  • Check in by Tuesday, April 5, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.
  • Verses are due by Friday, April 7, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.
  • Voting will end on Sunday, April 9, 2011 11:59 pm Eastern time.
Mandatory 16 lines.
Only one round.
5 votes first wins or most votes wins when voting is over.
3 votes to 0 votes is a KO.
50 posts to vote unless you are participating in the tourney.
All votes MUST be explained well and no crew or hate votes.
Take criticism like a man. Quit trying to vote sway and explain your bars. If you didn't like the votes you received in the last round, recognize how people vote and write better. Everyone has their own opinion. Use the Predictions/🤬 Talking Thread to voice your opinions, not this battle thread. Lastly, caught biting will disqualify you. Good luck.


  • deaththreats
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    Ready to see the verses on this one too....
  • Disciplined InSight
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  • Disciplined InSight
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    RIP Young Ice

    You're a known 🤬 to get owned quick, his whole demeanor spells a pause.
    We all know a mole is basically a snitch...just look at his face which tells it all.
    I spit shells that'll scald. You're dull and can't stick me honestly.
    After this round..
    ..no coming Back II Life and I laugh...the last match you wrote it to—strictly comedy.(Haha)
    Get serious, the joke's over there's NO way this nerd's nice.
    So squares like you can get crushed...it's the best way to serve Ice.
    Young-Ice wrote: »
    dudes wit lil 🤬 try harder
    Young-Ice wrote: »

    yes i do

    I love it when your dad pounds me doggy
    Young-Ice wrote: »
    my 🤬 is bleeding

    BIG pause...

    This dude pushing 🤬 easily, obviously you live that 🤬 life aggressively.
    It's appalling you don't hold anything back proves it...coming out is his specialty.
    Pay the price the shots I squeeze brolic you're nothing but lint to me.
    I'll pull the tray...have you in a deep freezer solid...the way Ice is meant to be.
    The Jamel wrote: »
    dog, young-ice posted a 🤬 in the Ill Pixx... don't listen to that 🤬 .

    Your love for 🤬 got the closet's wide open so this 🤬 'll be out.
    Too late to scratch that off the record...you already took the Mr. Cee route.
    What's to expect? He's no threat and you're far from hood trust me.
    He's the type in a grind but syrupy sweet..which makes Ice only good for slushies.
    The reason you lost and it's hard truth: you're bars? F-graded trash.
    Sniper predicted the hit...officially in this round: you NEVER made it pass.

    Any explanations, just PM me.
  • Tupacfan
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    Dizzam DI's vesrse is insane to my membrane!

    Young Ice, its all or nothing lol...
  • raw-material_ahh
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    This is a disappointment. Was looking for a hot battle. Young-Ice sleep got the best of him. Another round 2 no-show. Props to Disciplined for posting a verse before the deadline.
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