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best album your parents put you on to

Daniel Plainview
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name some great music you know because of your rents. any genre



  • Blue Virgo
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    I wish I could say my parents did this for me, but I can't.

    I mean...my mom got me listening to a lot of oldies but goodies when we'd have to clean the whole house on the weekends--she ALWAYS played music--and we actually used the old school record player and my dad had a HUGE collection....still does, actually.
    So, that's how I found out about The Isley's, The O'Jays, Temptations, etc...

  • swag_of_krypton
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    My dad put me on to Morris Day & The Time
  • still-SBP
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    Too many to name
  • wizv.2
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    still-SBP wrote: »
    Too many to name


    My parents put me on to a lot of music. It's hard for me to point out the best.

    Some Bobby Womack, Isley Brothers, Bob Marley, Delphonics, The Carpenters, America, Barbara Mason, Burning Spear, The Manhattans, Blue Notes, the list goes on... it'll take me all day to decide my favorite album out of everything I've heard them listen to.
  • Kame
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    Pops put me onto the Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Pink Floyd... hella lot more too
  • Super Lex
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    My mother had a huge record collection.

    Songs In the Key of Life
    Hotter than July
    ....Damn a lot. I would have to name artist or look through my collection.
  • soulatlantic
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    i figured i'd list a few albums, but it's kind of gotten ridiculous as i thought about it more. this is my foundation of my love of music, courtesy of my parents (especially my dad)

    some of the albums i remember hearing back in the day:
    Sade- Diamond Life
    The Best of The Doors
    The Rolling Stones- Vodoo Lounge
    Aretha Franklin- 30 Greatest Hits- i'll never forget one time my dad played me this, and i was instantly in love with Aretha's voice
    Bob Marley- Legend
    Bob Marley and the Wailers- Confrontation
    Eric Clapton- MTV Unplugged
    The B-52's- Cosmic Thing
    Joss Stone- The Soul Sessions- i know this is a lot more recent, but my dad turned me on to her after her saw her open for Simply Red right around the time this album dropped
    Ray Charles-i forget which albums we had back then but my dad really got me into him
    Frank Sinatra- basically everything he did. my grandparents are HUGE Sinatra fans, so my mother grew up listening to him too. but i was raised around constant Sinatra playing. all the time.
    Etta James- Love Songs- a compilation, but none the less my father got me into her big time. I was lucky enough to see her live twice. She's just incredible.
    Les Nubians- Princess Nubiennes- another album my father loved
    The Best of Tuck and Patti
    Nat King Cole- The Christmas Song- this was the go-to Christmas album EVERY year. it doesn't even feel like Christmas to me if I don't hear this.
    Mob Hits- these were compilation albums of great music from the mob movies. I'm Italian, and my dad loved these compilations so he wore them out.
  • Super Lex
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    Super Lex wrote: »
    My mother had a huge record collection.

    Songs In the Key of Life
    Hotter than July
    ....Damn a lot. I would have to name artist or look through my collection.
    Adding a few more...
    Kenny G. Pops was a big fan. I hate when folk talk trash about him.
    All Janet's material (duh No Carlos Sheen)
    Sade. I found the Love Deluxe tape on the floor and it was a wrap. I don't know who copped it. Moms or Pops.
    Fourplay (Smooth Jazz)
    Alex Bugnon
    Boney James
  • Daniel Plainview
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    great stuff posted
  • sapp08_2001
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    Busta Rhymes The Coming
    LL Cool J mr smith
    2pac me against the world
    Prodigy The Fat Of The Land
  • JimmyDeanBiscuits
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    My stepdad hit me with this...

  • G.R.I.P. Money $$$
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  • siqnih da rapper
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    thriller, shid a lot freddie jackson collection
  • applejiya
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    Follow your heart, because if you always trust your mind, you'll always act on logic, and logic doesn't always lead to happiness.
  • georgia boi
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    I was given this album at age 8:


    That album, James Brown's In The Jungle Groove and Snoop's 🤬 were the first albums that I was introduced to around age 7-8. A lot of other oldies were played around the house like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, a lot of Motown artists, Marvin Sease, Bobby Bland. B.B. King etc., but those were the first full albums that I listened to.
  • Trollio
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    r kelly.......
  • Mvpbrodie93
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    My stepdad hit me with this...

  • bignorm73
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    Sade "Diamond Life".

    I knew not to interrupt my parents if i heard this playing in there room.

    Now my kids know not to interrupt me and wifey if they hear it lol
  • BelovedAfeni
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    not to much my parents but my dads girlfriend put me on to frankie beverly, luther vandross and she loved keith sweat he was from harlem like her...ahh...good times.
  • snap
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    The Best of Barry White
  • magic_b
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    Pops put me up on Thriller...nuff said
  • YungHeartLess5
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    It would have to be one of Luther's better albums for pops... earths put me on Anita Baker.
  • stupot0607
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    Michael Jackson - Dangerous, Thriller
    Elton John - Goodbye yellow brick road