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Black Roots Science: Building A Finacially Free Africa/Black Nation

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According to the Black Roots Science E-Book one of the main keys to ending the current suffering and 🤬 of Blacks by the current western capitalism system is to start a community that is totally financially independent of the current oppressive capitalism system. I think online virtual communities can be a good place to start building a free Black Nation.

According to Forbes.com people are making from 30 thousand to up to 7 figures a year in real money buying and selling things in virtual worlds like Sony Station Exchange. IBM uses the online virtual community to communicate with employees, produce seminars, hold seminars, and launch new products.

I see no reason why governments in Africa can't build there own virtual community to generate income for their country from safaries, teaching languages, and displaying local ritual dances.


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    because some govs are corrupt or religiously influenced in a negative way