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What will HHH do at WM26?

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So this week Wrestlemania has started to take shape....

Cena will face Batista for the WWE title and for the honor of Bret Hart.

Edge will go after Jericho for the WHC.

HBK/Undertaker 2 is gonna happen

What will Trips do? It's kind of interesting. He's been in the main event at WM since #17, and not only will that not happen this year, but because he's been in DX all this time, he doesn't even have any meaningful story lines or programs going into this.

My guess, and this is not good for either guy, is that HHH is gonna face Sheamus. It's not a high-caliber matchup, one that I don't even see HHH winning, because if Sheamus loses, he just got semi-buried. If HHH loses, he's gonna have to go back to Smackdown or something and take Taker's spot.

Even worse, let's say Edge and Cena win their straps at WM26. Let's also say that Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase both turn faces. All these faces....who's HHH gonna feud with? And I think it goes without saying that he can't go back to DX either, because it's widely rumored HBK is gonna take time off again.

Your thoughts on the immediate and 6 month future of HHH?