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Right and Wrong V. Dead and Alive

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I've been thinking and maybe this is wack, but I been noticing something. So far, we have made our voices heard when we discuss the issues of religion (and race) and how it has become a matter of who is right or wrong. It is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to know what is right or wrong, but what does that mean for our existence? What is it about being right or wrong that makes us "dead or alive"?

I don't think being right or wrong about something necessarily means we are preserving or wasting life (I'm not saying that advice on things won't potentially save a life get somebody killed). It does mean that we are familiar with rules and laws; that there are things in place to confirm our correctness. However, I believe what keeps us coming back with something to say is that...we want our words to bring life to the dead.

We want someone to come alive or be revived after being told something. I would even say that we want to "🤬 " the thing responsible in the process; the thing that we believe is taking our lives away for if this thing continues to thrive, it will cause us to die...for it wouldn't matter anymore if we are right or wrong about something if we are "dead".


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    the thread title is the question and the answer; the problem and the solution. the only real versus is wholism vs dualism.