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Revolutionary, Satanic war on heaven type of 🤬

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Hey wussup yall, check out my songs/channel and tell me what u think, if u like my 🤬 rate, comment and subscribe

link to my best song (in my opinion) http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDajja.../3/hbZzcViAb9s

link to my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDajjal666



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    🤬 your production needs work.... you sound like an old motor boat. did you record the 🤬 from your laptop? subject matter..... that some other 🤬 I cant 🤬 with some of it aint bad. you know i was once interested in the illuminati but, now that I think about it why the 🤬 yall hide in the shadows like a scare little group thats about to die out.... if yall were really running 🤬 yall be running 🤬 or is yall scared 🤬 would stomp your ass out if you come out in the light... just saying. stop hating on 🤬 man... 🤬 aint cool
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