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Robotech Motorcycle IRL of the Day

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    This dude was riding one on the street, where I live at. I saw that 🤬 and was like "YO!!!! THAT'S THAT 🤬 FROM THE ROBOTECH INVID SAGA!!!"

    Since he was riding it, I guess it's street legal. But I couldn't believe he had one and I haven't seen him around since, this was last summer.
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    The Jamel wrote: »

    Robotech Motorcycle IRL of the Day: A group of Japanese Robotech fans have created a scary-perfect replica of the Cyclone motorcycle that originally appeared in the anime series MOSPEADA before it was adapted for the third Robotech War.

    Unlike the animated version of the Cyclone, the IRL bike doesn’t transform into a rocket-launching mech. It does work just fine as a standard motorcycle, though.

    The builders don’t mention whether it’s street legal, but that’s hardly relevant when you’re busy liberating Earth from a hostile alien occupation.


    1st off even if i didnt grow up with robotech - this 🤬 looks sick! fact is tho this cartoon was awesome and i never thought id see anything like that in reality, so this is about as cool as it gets on 2 wheels.