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Was i the Best

YB_Young Killah_YK
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you said you love me and you'd never leave
said i was you first love and that you were glad it was me
had me blushing thinkin ma game was mean
before i know it you was on the low key
🤬 other nikkas behind my back
like ma set wasnt gone tell me you was rippn on the block
couldn't believe what i was hearin i couldn't bare
on bloods i couldn't stop the swears my hands was ready to go across your face
make an imprint on some cement disgrace
but i couldn't just take word for what others nikkas say
so i confronted you to your face
you didn't even have to reply i saw the guilt in your eyes on your face
how you fell to your knees an began to cry
"you the best i ever had i made a mistake"
i saw you lien through yah teeth so i asked why
and i got no reply
i was so hurt i didn't even cry didn't even speak just walked away known i was finna do me
not worryn about you cause you didn't worry about me
how i was gone feel how id react you took me for granted an ima wrong you for that
revenge is the key when love comes in between promised i get you back but my love to strong for you for that
i like to believe i was you best... but who would choose the rest over the best
guess i was just another obstacle
another quest but this experience has been blessed
learning right from wrong so i can grab hold of the throne no groans