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Revisit a Forgotten Independent Hip Hop Album

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Simple concept, drop an album cover and state a few sentences why this album should never be dead and forgotten. Albums must be independent albums and you could (and should if you can) include some YouTube's of the best tracks! :tu


Absolute Value, simple title that delivered completely. Akrobatik was on top form with this release, with an ear for some great beats from producers J Dilla to 9th Wonder and Illmind to Da Beatminerz, Akrobatik pulled in all favours to deliver a flavourful album filled with conscious rhymes and beat breaking lyrics. This thread went largely overlooked, which is a shame considering some previous releases such as 'Remind My Soul' and 'Balance', which are still top favourites on YouTube. Never forgetting the great guest appearances on 'Absolute Value' with fellow Boston Act Mr. Lif stopping by alongside Kweli, Little Brother, Bumpy Knuckles and B-Real.

Some of the album's outstanding moments:

Story-telling at its finest. 3 stories where 'Akrobatik takes us on a journey'.

Not the album version, but this remix is dope.

Beat knocks...

Keep 'em coming!


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    Chali 2na - Fish Outta Water

    In 2009 Chali 2na released his debut solo album, Fish Outta Water.

    Chali spent 10 years being a front man for Jurassic 5 from 1993 - 2007, and was the most recognisable voice of the group.

    The Features on this album include: Talib Kweli, Damian Marley, Anthony Hamilton, Elzhi, Stephen Marley, Beenie Man, Ming Xia. Its hard to say which Feature was the best on this disc. But i think the marley brothers did their thing on the track "Guns up"

    Production on this album came from a few recognisable names such as Jake One, Nu Mark, Scott stortch, Emile & Dj Babu. my personal favorite beat on this album being "Keep going" by Jake one, or "Comin thru" by Nu Mark.

    This album showcases great lyricals, features and beats. Chali even touches on a personal track "4 bebe" a track dedicated to his Cousin who died being crushed at a concert. Mia Xing's singing on this track is amazing.
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    Album is just amazing. i cant post youtube links cuz im at work and theres a filter. but if any of you have heard this album and dont like it. i will be shocked.
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    Misery is a definite favorite of mine. Great album.
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    another classic imo