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Triggy Vs. iMpIoDez

Triggy Confirm Email Posts: 137
edited July 2011 in Lyrical Executions
with the effortless performance, hood 🤬 endurance
when the cops coming, jumping like jordan in my jordans / pace like flash gordon
since my race flesh, got pigs thinkin grotesque / like implodeez with the his naked chest/
out for thug loving, you a wanna be, i keep the bobby brown bubbling
its my progrative, gotta live rocks to sling spots to ring, 8 years the same thing
sorround white like the michelin, man, heads split like van damme
to see me in this rap 🤬 , need columbus compas, im gorgous born one month away from taurus
in that new audi, touring / you stay dormant went from showing chronic to naked flicks thinkin his brolic
the hand held glock spit, always prevail / even in your dreams i dont fail /
so ring the bell, had the ballots in / while i gallop in that tint steel ferrari deals in abu dhiabi
you old game like atari, im equipt wit cold game professional aim,
antique rhymes that just value with times, immaculate styling
some french leathers, cashmere near white gold / thats how my story is told
3 16's so cold call it austin / im in hustling words and birds
pharoe modes, 100 pound notes, got nuns leaving christ for the flows i wrote
while he a nursery rhyme rapper, track runner when the block knocker
400 thou diamond throat rocker, classic 🤬 like dennis hopper
you a fraudelent benfitter, i been sit in riker isle true tales, got all the phone access in jail
me verses you, the herses come in convertables, so fair well
triggy, bars long enough so mandela can feel me
implodeez aint real G, i deal fiends of TV, till my ma gets the funeral bill, its forever thrills
and black ice thrown on my dead 🤬 's wills, hope it melt that heart of them young 🤬
so tomorrows are for the good 🤬 ,

the realest.

the realest.


  • RiGGA
    RiGGA Members Posts: 3,219 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2011
    lol 🤬 this aint how u set up a battle rofl....but ill drop later
  • RiGGA
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    edited June 2011
    Upon further review, that's possibly the longest 16 I've ever seen in my life. Also, a lot of it wasn't even about me, so I did the same thing in mines.

    This 🤬 ’s a coward… homie a phony
    Brain leakin sweet n sour retreat in our
    Big block pony, sig cocked
    At gym socks, ya Tims popped
    Check ya wrist clock, I’m the 🤬 ..watch
    I put ya block on lock commuting rock on freeways
    Aimin at ya beanie, Flyin so high
    seagulls en-vy me…lookin down on my city
    Love my town but smoke a pound and you can’t see me
    Wit eyes wide open, smoke choking he hoping
    "Don’t leave my 🤬 broken!!" I’m lit tokin’
    And holdin’ a license to 🤬 , gun golden im totin’ the steel
    Too (2) real, and 🤬 you for (4) fake
    You frontin it’s nuthin, chopper 🤬 huntin’
    Playin elimidate, spray n’ eliminate
    enemies filled wit hate.. hurt, dead layin in dirt beds
  • Triggy
    Triggy Confirm Email Posts: 137
    edited June 2011
    I didnt no it was 16, i was just eager to drop something but i seen your bars i like the rhymes in the first half that 1 2 1 2 rhyme 🤬 it was nice, but i won this.

    my lines have other rappers lurking ya heard me !

    next time i do a proper 16 vs 16, ......... the thing is because i didnt have that much info on you other than you switched your avator from that chronic to what it is now so i just when in on that and your name and how im superior.

    regardless, you def got skills. peace.
  • RiGGA
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    edited June 2011
    lol I like the confidence..."i won this"

    freeways....beanie/seagulls (sigel)

  • thedesolateone
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    edited June 2011
    dont know how to judge 16 against 50 bars
  • raw-material_ahh
    raw-material_ahh Members Posts: 555
    edited July 2011
    Did you guys want us to vote on this or is this practice? It's like 24+ lines vs. 16.
  • RiGGA
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    edited July 2011
    "when the cops coming, jumping like jordan in my jordans"

    He's too ill for me bruh
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