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Sting speaks on his faith, the WWE and Jeff Hardy

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There is a lot of adult content on Impact Wrestling. As a man of faith, is it a concern for you to be on that type of show?

"Absolutely. There’s no question about it. This is something that many Christians will use as their ace in the hole, and I’ll use it, but I’m not going to use it in a real loose way, and that is that Jesus Christ himself went in amongst the sinners – the murderers, the adulterers, the idolaters, the drunkards, and so on and so forth. And he didn’t come to judge them, he came to save them, be a doctor to them. I’m not putting myself on that level obviously, but at the same time, we are in the world, we are not of the world, if we are believers. I’m not going to put myself in a shell – it’s just not going to work that way. You have to get out there somehow or another and try to be a light or be the salt of the earth, and that’s all I’ve tried to do. As far as the content goes, I will only involve myself in situations that will not jeopardize my walk or my witness. You won’t hear 🤬 things coming out of my mouth or sexual innuendos and all that kind of stuff."

What was your reaction when WWE began airing the mysterious vignettes early this year that turned out to be for The Undertaker’s return, but initially had a lot of wrestling fans believing that the videos signaled that you were coming to WWE for to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania? And the second part of my question is: Did WWE contact you to come in and do something at that point?

I’ll answer the second part first. Yes, I was contacted by WWE people. The vignettes I can honestly tell you that I do not understand that one even now, unless it was some kind of deal where they were just trying to test the waters, I really don’t know, because so many people were saying, “I hope it’s Sting, I hope it’s Sting.” I thought, “Gosh, I wonder if they’re going to shoot themselves in the foot there by making this choice, because if things do not work out, why did they do it to begin with?” I had all kinds of things going through my head. But, yeah, I was very, very close to going up there, and I believe there probably would have been something with Undertaker. That was the word at least.

What are your thoughts on what went down the night you faced Jeff Hardy at the Victory Road pay-per-view?

"I want to be careful with my words here because I really like Jeff Hardy. I’m hoping he can come back because that guy is so talented, but he has personal issues in his life and it just became too much for him, too overwhelming, and he just couldn’t cope and didn’t know how to handle it. So he made some bad choices and he’s having to deal with those choices and the consequences now. I hear he’s doing much, much better. Last I heard, he was riding his bike 10 miles a day and just getting in great shape and his life was getting in some kind of order."

It seemed that things were happening on the fly on live TV that night when you and Hardy got in the ring, and no one really seemed to know what was going on. Is that accurate?

"That’s pretty accurate. I’d say a good 45 minutes to an hour before the match actually happened, things started to deteriorate, and I just went, 'Oh, boy.' I kept hoping maybe somehow or another he’ll come to his senses and snap out of it, but it didn’t happen. It was just out of hand and I didn’t have a choice other than to do what I did."


Truthfully, Sting handled himself like a professional throughout that situation and in his interview. It would be really easy to throw Hardy under the bus for that entire thing, but he held his cool and confirmed the ideas we already had on that night in a subtle way.

I am surprised they didn't ask why TNA copied the same format for him, but I supposed that would create some drama.