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Is the Architect Destroying His Kingdom?

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Is the Architect Destroying His Kingdom? by Mat Terry via PWRShow.com

To call Vincent Kennedy McMahon a wrestling revolutionary is an understatement. He is so much more in the world of sports entertainment. Vincent Kennedy McMahon has provided modern wrestlings very definition.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the architect of modern wrestling.

From the creation of WrestleMania to the placement of professional wrestling in pop culture, Vince McMahon has arguably done more for wrestling than anyone else in history.

But in 2011, can it be argued that the architect is destroying the kingdom he built?

Wrestling is a cyclical business. The "Rock and Wrestling" era of the 80's and the Attitude Era around the turn of the millennium were both boom periods. The early 90's saw a decline in business and many would argue that wrestling is currently seeing a similar decline in business. Arena attendance is inconsistent, PPV buys outside of WrestleMania are far from outstanding and television ratings are lower than the WWE would like.

Now, there are numerous factors that have lead to this fall in business. The rise of the UFC has surely played a part, as has the departure of several big names with no replacements being made. However, I would argue that Vince McMahon's role in WWE's downturn in business is one of the more significant factors.

McMahon is infamously indecisive, and this indecisive manner is indicative of the current WWE product. For the past several years, numerous promising prospects have received the dreaded "withdrawn push". One week guys like Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne are being pushed to the moon, the next they are lucky to feature on Superstars. How are new stars going to develop and forge a necessary connection with the audience when the powers that be are reluctant to give most of the roster a fair chance. All this does is further the feeling of apathy evident in today's wrestling audience.

Vince McMahon seems content to largely ignore his audience. People have been screaming for something new for years, yet we still have John Cena dominating the product. When you are too stubborn to listen to your audience you need to start worrying. This is exemplified by the omission of Zack Ryder on last Monday's Raw. The crowd were waiting for Ryder. The crowd were chanting his name. Yet Vinnie Mac thought it would be a nice rib on the kid to leave him off the show. The only people you ribbed, Vince, were the paying customers in Long Island.

Vince McMahon is a genius, but it is arguable that his grasp on the WWE product is too tight. He is too content to use production techniques used since 1997 and ignore the great ideas of outside promotions. Dave Lagana has stated that in a creative meeting he once pitched the idea of building PPVs like UFC does, by spreading the main events across the year and making the shows more attractive to the contemporary fight audience. This was shot down, but for my money it is a great idea. McMahon just seems reluctant to adapt.

Considering the popularity of UFC, you would think WWE would do away with the camp elements of the product and provide a combination of high drama and story telling with legitimate and hard hitting in ring action, but no. The likes of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, guys that would personify this attitude, often play second fiddle to monsters like Mason Ryan and Ezekiel Jackson. With all due respect, wrestling fans are bored with the jacked up guys who ran the show in the 80's. Wrestling fans want legitimacy, yet Vince would rather give them Hornswoggle.

In 2011, reform is not only good, it is necessary.


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    word on the street is that Vince lost his mind after 🤬 up both quads during that one runin and hasn't been the same old Vince since then
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    word on the street is that Vince lost his mind after 🤬 up both quads during that one runin and hasn't been the same old Vince since then
    Yo I can't stop lookin' @ them 🤬 in ur AVI...Seriously!...And yeah, Vinny Lost his mind a long time ago!