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Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Taz & More Comment On CM Punk's RAW Promo

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The wrestling world is sounding off on CM Punk's scorching promo from Monday's RAW. Here is what some of the top names in the industry are saying on Twitter about the memorable segment:

Steve Austin: @CMPunk just melted my 52 inch TV with a scorching hot promo...delivery, content, and attitude...one of the best promos I've ever seen.

Jim Ross: Amazing feedback on @cmpunk end of Raw comments. Too many overanalyzing it. Did you like it? If so, enjoy it. Was it compelling? Yes

Taz: Punk did a great job & I always liked him when we were in wwe together and his work! But I must say... There r many of us who were NEVER pushed to the level Punk was & were NEVER allowed to shoot like that, he's lucky he was allowed to do that. But it was very strong & real!! I liked a lot! Good stuff Punk!

Colt Cabana: Colt Cabana's Trending but @CMPunk should legit trend FOREVER. Coolest thing on wrestling since 1998. Can't believe theyre gonna let'm walk

Maryse: @CMPunk for President of the United-States....

Todd Grisham: Punk came unhinged tonight. Never seen anything like it in my 8 years @WWE

MVP: @CMPunk stayed at my house saturday night & we had a very in depth convo. I haven't seen the promo. But I'm sure my friend made me proud! ...