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In Odd Wrestling News

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I was on a news/rumors site and it said that New Jack is dating Terri Runnels (Marlena), Goldust's ex-wife. They said that if you go to her Facebook page, she updated her status that she's dating him.

I just know he's having fun pipin' down that small, petite woman, with the nice fake tittay's. New Jack a fool and I know he's skeeting that something wild.


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    JWOWW from Jersey Shore is taking part of The Shore angle in TNA that will air this Thursday. Here are some pictures....



    The girl even got her own entrance video


    She gets into a basic catfight with the Cookie character but really, that's all she did to get 15K from TNA
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    Ill give it to her
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    New Jack won!
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    spoiling iMPACT before it airs <<<<
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    riddlerap wrote: »
    spoiling iMPACT before it airs <<<<
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    TNA is WOAT with the publicity stunts. Cheesy ass company wanting attention........

    TNA Wrestling sent out the following press release today, inviting controversial NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco a chance to wrestle his coach, Marvin Lewis, inside a steel cage at the upcoming Lockdown pay-per-view on 4/17:

    Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling offers to host the bout at the “Lockdown” Pay-Per-View event on Sunday, April 17

    As the NFL’s Super Bowl draws near, one of the year’s major football news stories has been the ongoing rivalry between Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco and his head coach, Marvin Lewis.

    The ill-will between the head coach and his star player has reportedly been an ongoing issue, and now Ochocinco has challenged Lewis to put an end to their differences once and for all – not on the gridiron field of the NFL, but inside a steel cage!

    On Monday, Ochocinco posted the following message to his Twitter account (twitter.com/ochocinco), responding to Adam Schefter of ESPN: “Me and Marvin Lewis in a cage match, set it up, I’ve earned my stripes on my helmet it’s time to fight then play”

    As a result, Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling has offered to host Ochocinco vs. Lewis inside a Steel Cage at their annual “Lockdown” event on April 17, which will air live on Pay-Per-View!

    “Lockdown” features every match contested inside a 15-foot reinforced steel cage, making it the only all-steel cage Pay-Per-View event in professional wrestling.

    If Ochocinco and Lewis agree to settle their differences, TNA Wrestling officials will work with their representatives to sanction the bout, as well as train both combatants in the weeks leading up to the match.

    Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is the world’s most innovative experience in professional wrestling, airing in over 120 countries worldwide. Join Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Mr. Anderson, the lovely and lethal TNA Knockouts and the no-limits X-Division every Thursday at 9/8 on SpikeTV in the United States. For more information, visit www.tnawrestling.com

    I try to cheer on the underdog, but these dudes keep sinking deeper and deeper into dispair. What's next Beetlejuice vs. Vern Troyer in an Ultimate X Match?

    I can put money on it that this thread will be filled with TNA "news", that's how much of a joke and odd their business practices are.
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    If they spent this money on Heyman, TNA would probably be getting better ratings than Smackdown.
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    If they spent this money on Heyman, TNA would probably be getting better ratings than Smackdown.


    They don't even wanna pay the actual talents but they continually flush thousands down the toilet for nothing.

    ROH & Dragongate > TNA & WWE
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    New Jack and Terri Runnels recently called it quits on their near two-year relationship. The break-up has since turned nasty as the former ECW star alleged to numerous colleagues that Runnels contracted and spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry.

    The former WWE Diva is speaking out against his vicious allegations, which she adamantly says are lies. She wrote on her Facebook account:

    “I said I wouldn’t lower myself to that of others…however one of two things are about to happen! Either a retraction of lies and defamation of character OR THE ENTIRE TRUTH WILL COME OUT….I REITERATE THE WORD TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAWYERS STANDING BY! 🤬 bless all and don’t ask questions because as I said I will not lower myself to that standard…unless the truth is cleared up completely!!!”

    She continued:

    “Please don’t make this about race…I don’t love based upon color…instead upon heart and soul. But don’t hurt my child or lie about me. I don’t play that! I will still try to keep myself above the nasty fray of lies! Life is TOO short to try and hurt others…I’ll take a different road. 🤬 bless ALL!!!”

    Runnels also revealed on Twitter that she recorded threats made by her former partner.

    “TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES!!!” she wrote. “Don’t lie about me and expect me to stay quiet. All threats recorded for over a year…truth or nothing!!!”
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    If they spent this money on Heyman, TNA would probably be getting better ratings than Smackdown.
    From what I See At the moment Impact! is getting .1-.2 points less than SmackDown! in the Ratings...which is not bad for Impact! but terrible for SmackDown!
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    New Jack posted a vicious diatribe on his Facebook account in response to former partner Terri Runnels condemning him online for alleging to numerous colleagues that she contracted and spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry

    New Jack says in the blog post that the Terri the world knows is much different than the person he dealt with. He accuses the former WWE Diva of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, abusing prescription painkillers and being a bi-polar alcoholic. He also says her Florida residence is facing foreclosure.

    Below is the post in its entirety:


    In response to Terri Runnels and the garbage she is saying

    1. I left Terri because she is an bi-polar alcoholic who gets every morning at 5:30 to make a very stiff vodka and cranberry….. EVERY MORNING!!

    2. She’s hooked on percs,,,, BAD!!

    3. She is very big liar and the Terri Runnels that you (the world) know is totally different from who I had to deal with. She not that little sweet innocent girl she pretends to be.

    4. Her house is in foreclosure (public record) and been there for 2 years and she thought I was gonna be her savior.

    5. She doesn’t want a man. She wants a butler and or driver.

    6. She let her daughter bring a online stranger over for Christmas without checking him out. (WHAT KIND OF PARENT IS THAT)


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    New Jack will address his allegations concerning former partner Terri Runnels tonight during the debut edition of “Late Night With The Iron Sheik.” More details are available here.

    The former ECW star alleged to numerous colleagues following their recent break-up that Runnels knowingly spread a sexually transmitted disease throughout the wrestling industry. He also alleged in a subsequent online post that she is bi-polar, an alcoholic, addicted to prescription painkillers and her Florida residence is facing foreclosure.

    New Jack continues to torment Runnels as he posted disturbing images on his Facebook account of the 44-year-old sans makeup with blood running down her face. He is also selling images of the former WWE Diva engaging in a sexual act through his inbox.

    “I got nasty pictures for sale and trust me…they are nasty…holla at me,” New Jack wrote in a status update. “You can take the ***** out the hood but u cant take the hood out the *****. holla at me in my inbox!”

    New Jack stated last Thursday in his vicious diatribe of Runnels that he underwent STD testing due to his belief that he may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease from the former 🤬 Champion. He has since announced that the test results came back negative.

    Runnels posted the following notice on Facebook concerning the tumultuous ordeal: “Prayers for Dakota and my Mom as they are being put through hell. I sincerely thank you all for the support. 🤬 bless us all…yes, even the ones that hurt us.”

    She is also quoting biblical passages in response to questions concerning New Jack.
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    This the first time ive ever seen this JWow chick.... she cute I'd take her down.
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    another reason why i dont cuff white women and dont deal with women that wear make up

    she dont even look nearly the same
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    The saga continues....
    The Orlando Sentinal reports that former WWE talent Terri Runnels has filed a lawsuit against her former partner Jerome “New Jack” Young, accusing him of libel for what she calls a series of slurs he’s stated online about their sex life and her appetite for drugs and alcohol.

    She is also asking the judge to prevent Young from peddling sexually explicit pictures of her.

    The suit, filed in state circuit court Monday, seeks unspecified damages. His statements, the suit alleges, are untrue, malicious, outrageous and “exceeded the bounds of civilized society”.

    New Jack and Runnels were involved in a romantic relationship for a year and a half but recently broke up. He then began posting comments on Facebook, accusing her of popping pain pills, drinking vodka and cranberry juice at 5:30 “EVERY MORNING!!” according to the suit. He’s also accused her of exposing partners to sexually transmitted diseases.

    New Jack said that anything he’s said or written on Facebook about Runnels is true. Someone else runs his Facebook page, he said, and other people may have written things there that are untrue, in particular, allegations about a sexually-transmitted disease.

    He admitted offering to sell sexually-explicit photos of Runnels. He’s not done that, he said, but he may have transmitted them at no charge to a friend from his cell phone.

    “Sending somebody naked photos, that’s not a crime,” he said.

    Runnels’ attorney, Alan Stagmeier fears New Jack would sell the photos before he could get the case in front of Circuit Judge Linda Schoonover, who’s been assigned the case. He’s asking her to issue an injunction, prohibiting New Jack from selling the photos.

    Runnels consented to those photos, believing they’d be kept private, according to her suit.

    The full article can be accessed here.

    I can't believe this "story" is run on a "reputable" online news site
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