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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

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Noticed this thread wasn't up, and I just really needed to vent yo.....

Ok first things first, I'm an 88 baby. So when I first read the story, Harry and I were the same age, he was 10 starting hogwarts and I was 10.

So in many ways, throughout the years, I grew up with that lil 🤬 . I remember reading the books in like 2 days max and having to wait 2 yrs for the next one.

So now that I'm officially a young adult (I'm a grown ass man damnitt!) I must say, after seeing this fuckn movie, HOW DID YOU 🤬 ALLOW 7 MOVIES OF THIS 🤬 .

Like I was young, I was naive, I was lost in the glory. But you 🤬 are supposed to keep us young and dumb 🤬 sane. How...the 🤬 ...did you 🤬 allow an entire cast of can't act 🤬 to break bread so easily??? I'm looking at the wand fight in the past movie, and I'm like, "wtf..wtf! Their doing the same spell all the damn time!" Its like watching a wrestling match and all 🤬 keep doing is a German suplex.

This last movie is so choppy, its straight doo doo. One moment 🤬 is fighting, the next an awkward ass rushed ass kiss. ( I know it was in the book, but it was filmed soooooooo badly)

Or when Harry finally talks to his parents when he's dead. HOW IS HE NOT OVERCOME WITH EMOTIONS. 🤬 its ya moms!? He just stands in the middle all shook. Horrible. Horrible. Its your mom and your dad b, and all I can get is a weak, "Mom?....Dad?...but how?" Really! Really!

Lets not even talk about the Death Eaters doing a 🤬 on Hogwarts castle

I'm ashamed in you older 🤬 . Scust