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Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Trailer Lands

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Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil Trailer Lands
Red Band rednecks a-go-go
26 July 2011 | Written by Phil de Semlyen | Source: IGN

A new red-band trailer for Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil has crashed down post Comic-Con and it looks like a whole bunch of 🤬 mayhem. Deliverance on laughing gas, we're saying. Click below to check it out.

It's directed by Eli 'Space Cowboys' Craig and sees Alan Tudyk (Tucker) and Tyler Labine (Dale) play a couple of well-meaning but accident-prone hard-scrabble types. As you can see below, through a series of Fargo-esque mishaps and blunders they accidentally preside over the 🤬 end of a bunch of preppy college students.

The gory pratfalls are played with tongue firmly in cheek, albeit then fed through the nearest woodchipper. Through our untrained eyes it looks like the exact midway point between Shaun Of The Dead and Winter's Bone, surely a good thing in anyone's book.

The indie comedy-horror has been looking for a distributor for a while but it's been picked up and its UK release comes on September 23.