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Where the hell is randy moss going?

JUXcaptainHOOK Members Posts: 406
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Does any team still want this guy? He's still top 3 WR when he's actually trying like he was in 07.... but i think last season hurt his chances at getting signed by any team since his lack of effort shows on the field...

Skip Bayless said he'd be a nice fit on the Colts , and personally i think they'd break records too but thats just a rumor...

What team do u think he's gonna sign to?


  • bow to royalty
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    Moss isn't top 3 anymore. A lot of teams probably don't want him. He can only do 1 thing, and it's lookin like he can't do that well anymore. Better off havin a receiver out there that can run the whole route tree
  • arbitration
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    he may go to the jets if they dont sign braylon edwards (which is looking more likely since they spent a ton on santonio holmes and edwards is prob feeling hurt), but he's not gonna command any money really
  • Co_Town_Michael
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    He should go to the retirement home....
  • TheIraq
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    He's coming to the Bears
  • G Mack
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    the bears might as well sign him....he'd be a instant upgrade over any of there other WRs
  • ICame4Pussy
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    Braylon Edwards is a better WR as of Right now
  • darkrain
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    Randy Moss needs to check his attitude first. He should have stayed with the Patriots til he retires but his running mouth got his ass where nobody want to play with this guy. He's one of my favorite WR since the Vikings.

    He's 34 years old right now and I do still believe he still got it while Terrell Owens always keep in shape and he's 38 so Moss isn't over yet....the problem is his ego.

    I would love to see Randy Moss on the Colts team. he needs a true QB like Peyton Manning. Peyton and Moss can to do some damage just like when he was on the Patriots with Tom Brady when they broke the NFL records together in the same year.
  • greenwood1921
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    Where is Moss going? Down the field on a deep route at half-speed, flappin' his arms like a sloth with a I-eat-ass-face...

    ...Unless he re-signs with the Patriots.

    Something sissified about a player that only plays hard for a certain team.