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Laptop or desktop?

Be11nt Members Posts: 3
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My Vote will go to Laptop.. because Laptop is Portable. you can use it every where.. e.g Car, Park etc..

which would you prefer?


  • wmj710
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    I dunno I got a phone and a I pad and a desk top I can pretty much do anything I need to from the phone or I pad. Just use the desk top pretty much for paying bills and printing and school stuff.
  • Bussy_Getta
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  • Madbeats
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    I use my laptop for everything. Dont have a desktop.
  • Legend24
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    A laptop is better than a desktop if comparing 1 on 1. But for the the money you spend on a laptop, you can get a more powerful desktop for less money, then use the left over cash and just buy a cheap netbook for word processing and internet browsing on the go. Online file-sharing makes it easy to access any files you would need from either device.

    My current laptop is on its way out so I'm gearing up for the desktop & netbook combo. Traditional laptops are not powerful enough to be a home computer (for me, at least) and are too big to carry around constantly.
  • king bloo
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    for expandability, power, and flexibility, desktop wins hands down.
  • XIII
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    if your a student; laptop or desktop/netbook combo. if your not part of this new gen of people who want to stay connected to the net 24/7 then desktop is your best option. you can stack it up so that it doesn't act retarted when your editing photos, or playing crysis.
  • Bussy_Getta
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    🤬 ...................
  • Manik Sona
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    Laptop. My desktop was fine when I lived at home, but when you're in college laptop is a necessity. Group projects, doing work in between classes, etc.