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varsity football

rapstar39 Members Posts: 521
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so it seems like i won't be playin football this year. i was supposed to be on the jv squad as a sophmore.

i really only wanted to play 2 years of varsity but i don't think that will happen.

esspecially because my team will be moving to a tougher division after this season.

is there any real possibility of me still playing varsity even though im gunna miss my sophmore season.


  • Nthngis4vr
    Nthngis4vr Members Posts: 2,171 ✭✭
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    Not sure why you're missing a year but if you're talented the coaches will put you on the varsity squad at some point.

  • rapstar39
    rapstar39 Members Posts: 521
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    i missed the date to hand in my papers.

    but my problem is i know im better than some of the other guys at my position its just i don't think coach will play me as much cuz im skinny
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