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Best r'n'b/rap song about being "the other dude"

Secret L.O.V.E.R.
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1. Pleasure P - Boyfriend No. 2

Pleasure P ain't complaining, he plays it cool. "Cause 2nd place has always got a whole lot to prove/ So whenever you get in the mood (just call me)" ...you gotta love this 🤬 if you done it like P.

2. Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger - Lie About Us

That melody is sick. Avant and Nicole make a perfect mix. "When i'm with her all i want is your touch/ And when you call me i don't wanna hang up./And i know i say it often but i can't wait till' we no longer have to lie about us" ...I feel you man.

3. Ray-J - Boyfriend

Love the beat... and the chorus is bangin!