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Should it be ok for white people to say 🤬 when talking about music?

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So yesterday, Odd Future announced that they were signing a Alter-Ego'd Tyler The Creator called "Young 🤬 ".
So it got me thinking, does he even know he has any white fans? I mean making a Alter-Ego called "Young 🤬 " while you have white fans's is not the smartest thing to do, i mean know you're going to be seeing little white kids at school running around at school talking to their friends about "Young 🤬 ". I mean if you're against white people saying 🤬 , then why the 🤬 would you call yourself that? Same thing with Nas and the song N.I.G.G.E.R, He did change the title to the album to "Untitled", but what about the white people who are talking about the album and come up with that song in-front of black's? They will call it 🤬 because there is no other name for it....
And what about song's like 🤬 In Paris and Megaman which in lyrics, have 🤬 all over it? White people are going to want to rap along with that song too....