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What fragrance/cologne do you wear?

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and what kinda vibe or what do you think it says about you???

I have 6 in rotation

Hello Kitty by Sephora: its light and floral and its my go to girly girl scent, everyday type 🤬

YSL Parisienne: its got an earthy smell, my grown woman scent I wear this when im going out

Harajuku Girl "G" : it reminds me of tropical beaches, I like wearing this with sun tan lotion it sets the smell off perfectly, everyday type 🤬 again

Heat by Beyonce: Its a warm sexy smell, wear it for dates and when im feeling uber sexy

Heat Rush by Beyonce: Sexy and warm like it predecessor but i only spray this one when i know im gonna engage in sexual activities (scent is the biggest trigger of memory REMEMBER THAT)

Goddess by Kimimora: its kinda floral yet seductive, another everyday one