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Lets get this straight, what constitutes owing a person sex??!!

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!) if im needed for stupid 🤬 , llike if a broad wakes me up 4a.m. just to give her car a boost, *nas/ genuine voice* i think she owe me some.

2)i take a chick out to a spot where we have to sit down and read a menu and i end up paying the whole bill...

3) if a chick had me talk 2 her on the phone late night for 2 weeks, guess what, she owe me sex.

what do u consider qualifies to a person owing u sex??


  • Sun God
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    Nothing but I would be doing none of those things if I wasnt already 🤬 her except maybe #2 and that would only happen twice before I stopped. LOL at giving a 🤬 a boost at 4am you should have told her to get the 🤬 she just 🤬 to give her a boost.
  • d-weezy
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    If she has you doing boyfriend things (fixing things around the house, driving her places, listening to her issues, hanging with family, etc.).

    Doing all of that and not getting sex or at least a 🤬 is like going to work and not getting paid. If she's not giving you money, sex, or returning the favour you have the permission to steal from her or 🤬 one or all of her friends.

    She owes you her or some other chick's sex.
  • Dakari
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    being a female?
  • fresno1
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    She owes you sex as soon as you told yourself I wanna 🤬 this chick
  • shootemwon
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    When a prostitute accepts payment prior to performing agreed upon services for said payment.