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>>>Jack and Kaze:"I'm Rick James" feedback will be returned

kamikaze214 Members Posts: 8
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We are pushin this track pretty hard right now and not looking for views. Please provide feedback on anything that can be done to increase the quality of the track.

ex: how can I tweek the bass, adjust the vocals, make everything sound more crisp and proffesional.

also if u r lookin 2 collab, hit me up

Feedback is greatly appreciated!!!




  • the admiral
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    dude, honestly. i don't know what that was man.. take this as constructive criticism, every thing about that track was stereotypical.. it' offered me nothing..there was no content to that song..
  • alissowack
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    You know...the Rick James song is catchy...but I just don't see this being a classic. The song has this "I'm just going to be in the game for the short term" type of feel. It's gimmicky and it is coming at a time when people are starting to see through that. The track doesn't sound too bad. It has a decent mix on it. The hook could sound biggeer; maybe a chorus plug-in. Now if you trying to make it sound like your favorite artist's music where it the kicks hit hard and the hi hat is like piercing your eardrum, you have to have an engineer who can put a master mix on it.