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OTTB Special News Report: Former WWE Diva Sunny Acting Like Her Last Name Is Hardy

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As reported earlier, former WWE talent Tammy Sytch (a/k/a Sunny) was advertised to appear at Saturday's Legends of the Ring event at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, New Jersey, but no-showed. That would make the second consecutive weekend where she missed scheduled bookings after arriving to them.

She was spotted highly intoxicated at the hotel's sports bar the night before and needed assistance returning to her room since she was unable to walk on her own. She spent Saturday and Sunday in her hotel room before returning home.

Sytch wrote of her whereabouts Monday afternoon on Facebook, "sorry i havent posted.....been very sick....."

Sytch appeared in no condition to perform at Northeast Wrestling's Brass City Brawl II event on September 30 in Waterbury, Connecticut and was scratched from the show as a result. According to a source, a referee drove her back to her hotel and she wouldn't leave her room the following day. She was then escorted off the premises by law enforcement. She missed a show she booked to appear on that day in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Sytch wrote "detoxing is not fun" two days later on her Facebook account. She then revealed on Thursday that she's depressed.

"I want to thank everyone who stood behind me and sent well wishes during this hard time," she wrote. "Im sorry I havent responded sooner, but depression can be a 🤬 ....dont feel like doing much at all..."

Her recent troubles are apparently related to problems with her boyfriend of over five years, who she broke up with a week earlier. She trashed her longtime partner on September 22 on Facebook and claimed that he cheated on her. Three days later, she wrote, "ok, seriously dont know what to do....need a sugar daddy asap....any takers??" She announced the following day that she was in a relationship with Brad Zapenas, a 21-year-old minor league baseball player for the Chicago Cubs. The relationship, however, would be short-lived as they broke up on Sunday.

Sytch faced a similar set of problems earlier this year as she appeared intoxicated at a Florida independent wrestling show on February 25. She slurred her words during a verbal confrontation with Danny Demanto and suffered multiple wardrobe malfunctions—she purposely flashed her 🤬 during a match to onlookers and her top accidentally came loose when she attempted to interfere.

She stated days later on Facebook that her behavior was related to personal problems at home, writing: "To everyone: let me explain why Ive been so upset lately. I have made the biggest mistake of my life, and have hurt the only person who ever cared about me and stood behind me thru my worst times. Now I have to deal with the pain b/c of my own mistake."

In the years prior to her "comeback," the former Diva appeared intoxicated at a multitude of independent wrestling events. Her unconventional behavior would intensify in the months following the April 2005 death of longtime partner Chris Candido: she officiated at least two matches while intoxicated and was escorted from a wrestling convention after causing a scene near Bret Hart. Her wily antics, however, simmered after she entered a relationship with a police official in January 2006 (who she broke up with last month) and shortly thereafter began her road to recovery, which culminated with enshrinement into WWE's Hall of Fame last April.