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Quick freestyle poem

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Pride, determination, and the will to succeed. These are just not words it's the life that i breathe. Failures not an option. My future is Bright. Demons clouded my vision but 🤬 gave me sight. I make wiser decisions; for my future endeavors. I've been battle tested, any storm i can weather. My passion is deep I strive only for greatness, work hard everyday never become complacent. Mothers face full of joy sends pride through my veins, providing for my family will release all the pain. For now i see the good life and no one could ever take it, lord lead me to the promised land cause i just wanna make it.


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    damn this 🤬 is dope as 🤬

    nice work, everytime i read some 🤬 n feel likes it a blessin rather than a chore is sum good work

    heres some more dope lyrics ima drop (not mine)

    Im riding low white walls on the caddy steel
    Im high as the rocks all the way to Lattyville
    Not far from fatha figures stop ask him how yah papi feel
    Clean cut n drank keep the head nappy still
    Guttaville, yeah we broke out here
    Peel the road like blunts when u smoked out there
    Imagine takin the stunt some place where 🤬 left you
    Then they tried to test you, you made them all respect you
    See, thats exactly where my people come from
    The grind, the audience the slash and beans come from
    We done walked through the stormy weather sleep with my gun
    Theres a lot of math i dont wanna teach to my son
    The hide of rocks, the stove and the beaker be one
    See the simple mind will always have to pay a hard price
    Where im from its cold, we keep the heater at night
    jay aint the only one that had to live the hard knocked life