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The Rock may host Raw ALL SUMMER

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- In a radio interview with Boston's Mix 104 this week, Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson shed some new light on his upcoming WWE return, which is expected to take place this summer.

When asked if he plans on wrestling a match, The Rock said:

"How I would come back is a different capacity than what Hulk Hogan did or I believe Ric Flair is doing. Those guys are coming back to actually wrestle. I don't want to wrestle; I have no intention of wrestling a match."

The Rock plans on having a major impact on WWE programming and could serve as a semi-permanent RAW Guest host for the entire summer:

"I do have intention of going back and hosting the show. Hosting a show like that would give me the opportunity to get on the microphone, rip open the writing, and invite guests on to come host with me. We wanted to create something cool and big and fun for the audience."-



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    oh cool. i aint mad at that at all i think its a good look. hell prolly start to miss the good ole days n wrestle a match or two.

    wouldnt mind seeing the great one rock bottom cena straigt to hell lol.
  • buttuh_b
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    The Rock is a 🤬 liar though. Even though I don't watch wrestling at all any more besides if I catch an episode once every couple months... He told the fans he was gonna come back a long time ago and he would always wrestle... and he didn't. He made like 2 or 3 appearances since then. But I probably will start watching when I can if he does host because the dude is so hilarious and charismatic. I'm still 🤬 though. But Rock promos>>>>>>>
  • Rocket Kidd
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    i doubt it..he'll prolly host once, he's making movie after movie and pretty much too busy to be travelin wit the WWE all summer.
  • KillaCham
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    i doubt it..he'll prolly host once, he's making movie after movie and pretty much too busy to be travelin wit the wwe all summer.
    WTF is goooood, Kidd???
  • da-great1
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    well the way vince has been destroying the WWE steadily these past few years i wouldnt be surprised if "Dwayne" was only there for one Raw. 🤬 Stone Cold was average in this PG era smh
  • young law
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    them movies been floppin and he remembering this lil thing called the wrestling universe again ehh
  • SW_Lyrikal
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    that will be a good look for WWE, but if not he needa start makin more movies like he did when he 1st started because all the other ones he's done in the past few years aint all that