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UFC RIO Being Offered for Free on Xbox LIVE

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This weekend's fight will be available to those who were affected by UFC 141 issues.

On December 30, the Xbox 360's UFC app was all set to launch by offering tens of thousands of fans the chance to watch the UFC 141 Pay-Per-View for free. Unfortunately, some major issues prevented many from accessing the fight, effectively rendering the goodwill gesture moot. To make amends to those affected, Microsoft will offer Saturday's Pay-Per-View fight, UFC RIO: Aldo vs. Mendes, for free over Xbox LIVE.

As was meant to be the case with UFC 141, the fight will not be available for purchase, and will be a free fight only available to those who had signed up for UFC 141. If you're eligible to watch the fight, expect an email invite soon, if one hasn't come already. Additionally, Microsoft is including a code for one free month of Xbox LIVE Gold with every invite along with their apologies.

UFC RIO: Aldo vs. Mendes should be the final fight broadcast for free over the service. Beginning with UFC 143, the app will open up to paying customers.


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