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Wu Tang Forever is the greatest hip hop album of all times and here's why.

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This is the greatest album recorded. The concept of this album is beyond genius and eerie at the same time. Wu Tang Forever was an audio revelation in the year of the Born 🤬 . When I was younger RZA got me when he talked about how the Wu Tang Forever album was all the education I needed. I scoffed that 🤬 off but now I see what he meant. 10 dope MC's including Cappadonna blessed us young children of hip hop at that time with an instruction manual for how our culture correlates to our actual physical lifes. Wu Tang Forever had excerises of think beyond your 2 brain hemisphere and trying to open up a higher dimension of thinking. and not critical thinking or psuedo intelluctual 🤬 . im talking about brain energy and getting in touch with your knowledge of self. This is a double album full of dropped gems and instructions to keep our culture relevant but alot of us slept on this 🤬 . Wu Tang message was not the wave in 97. 1997 was the year Puffy set biggie up to get killed so he can usher in the jiggy era. the shiny suit, playa, playa big willie fake mafioso era. These so called goats like Biggie, Jay Z, Nas were spitting nothing but negativity, fake crimestories and self hate with their albums. Thats why its so many fake 🤬 in the game now because all you needed to start a rap careers is a 🤬 , unverified back story about you pumpin in the rain same clothes 🤬 . Wu Tang Forever had none of that stupid ass 🤬 on the album. Nothing but first rate education, Stellar lyricsim and mindblowing productions. Let me stress that lyricism part one more time. The Wu was tearing 🤬 up on this album. You cannot point out one subpar, average or even "good" verse from anyone. Everybody brought their A game and wrecked this album to bits. From 93 up until Summer 97 when Wu Tang Forever dropped 5/9 members already had a classic album out. So you bringing 5 🤬 that just made dope albums together as a collective with 4 more dope rappers. what the 🤬 do you expect to happen. wu tang killed this 🤬 from back to front. Inspektah Deck, RZA and Ghost were the best rappers on the planet in 1997. No doubt. 97 Deck, 97 Ghost, 97 RZA>97 Big, 97 Jay Z, 97 Nas by a million miles. To be honest with you Deck outshined everybody on everytrack he was on. Deck was on some other 🤬 . he dropped some incredible verses for this wu album. I always give him and Ghost joint MVP honors on this project because ghost was killing 🤬 too. RZA was a 🤬 prophet on this album. HE WARNED US HIP HOP WAS ABOUT TO DIE. ITS SCARY. and dont down play the other 🤬 because everybody delivered fire verses. thats why this album is the greatest because its just compressed with mind elevating hip hop music. You can feel the love, the unity and brotherhood from this album. These 🤬 all mesh well together on this album. No awkward songs.