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Serial monogamists are worse then straight up 🤬

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You know, these people that have a new relationship every week

but its okay that their body count is so high cause they've only had sex with their "boyfriends/girlfriends"


  • Chuchk
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    lol @ I've never had sex with a man that wasn't my boyfriend.

    But did HE know he was your boyfriend?

    haha oh man thats even worse but I'm talking about these people that actually get in and out of relationships that quick

    There is this girl that went to college with me for one year, my boy tried to 🤬 and she said that she only 🤬 guys shes in a relationship with so he forgot about her, but in that year she went to school with us she had at least 4 boyfriends. I was facebook friends with her and I swear every other month she's got the "In a relationship" title with a new guy. She came up as "Now Single" when I logged in today so I had to delete her cause I'm sick of seeing that 🤬
  • GodSpeed215
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    I never thought of this, but you got a point. Who's kidding who though, we still see them as straight up smuts either way, it just makes them sleep better at night
  • -Vincenzo-
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    thats just what 🤬 use as an excuse b, just go by the number
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