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We need to stop actin like black and white people don't sound differently.

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One of the most annoying things is some lame ass uncle tom coonin for craccas on some "Just because I sound educated doesn't mean I sound white" 🤬 🤬 no 🤬 the reason you sound white is because you try your best to talk like Kim Kardashian, but at home you talkin like Yvette and New New when you dont get your way. 🤬 need to realize that talkin proper is not the same thing as talking white. MLK, Malcom X, Will Smith, all well spoken blacc people but no one says that they talk white, and thats because they use their natural speaking voice. Talkin white is when you go out of your way to change the pitch of tone in your voice to match that of a white person. Naturally, blacc people have deeper voices, so its obvious to any real 🤬 when you're trying to change your voice up to make white people happy. Knocc it off