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Bringing life back to the essence

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Aite now i know the essence has been dead but damn i dont ever think its been like this...i used to come here to find out bout artist i had never heard of but ppl rarely come in here anymore...we havnt had a playlist of the month in years

It is important that we got this forum back to where it once was

So in this thread just drop some dope hip hop music preferably artist that most people wouldnt know about unless you put them on

feel free to tell why you like the song,a little backstory on the artist or any info that would go along with why you think everybody should give it a listen also feel free to comment on any song that anybody has posted.....i will start it off

heres a dope rapper from canada by the name of shad i just recently discover him and was drawn in by the way he articulates his punches to actually fit in with the song....its not just random punchlines like most rappers...lyrics are top notch


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    First off, it's a tough job to bring the Essence back. But I'll have a go with you (I have two weeks off work).

    Second, Underground 9 is a nice blog! Found it a while back, was gutted that it wasn't still going.

    Thirdly, nice ass track, thanks for the recommendation, I'll check him out.

    Okay, as for my recommendation, I have been listening a lot the Pharcyde, so for anyone who isn't clued up on them, this classic should make you run to your nearest CD store (or iTunes).

    As for a recommendation of a generally unknown, I got into Soulstice a while back, he has a really name album entitled 'North By Northwest'.

    Here's a track from him:

    Still Love
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    i actually have all the material by both of them

    heres another Very good artist most people have probaly heard of him but i had to post him his name is insight...he's a part of shinsight trio as well as y society but this song is from his solo ablum the blast radius...very good message in the song...did i mention he produces his music as well
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    ^^^^Shinsight Trio are real dope

    Ill add a few songs by Justice System, group that dropped Rooftop Soundcheck in 1994. This group was heavily slept on and created a sound ahead of its time and unlike anything else really...
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    good drop homie believe it or not that was my first time ever hearing anything from justice system imma defintly check them out

    heres another dope artist named charlie ross he is is originally from Midland, Pennsylvania but is currently based out of the DC area....the two tracks im postin are off his ep he made while he was living in japan