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The Summer 2010 Free Agent Class

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I want you guys to play nostradamus and predict where these players go to this upcoming summer. And to get this thread started I got these guys going to teams that fit them prefectly.

LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers(Lets face he played everyone with this i could be going to another team stuff for i dont know how long.)

Carlos 🤬 - Detroit Pistons(Detroit jumped hurdles for this dude for the past 2 years so you know they're gonna go all out to get him this time around. With 🤬 look for detroit to challenge for the 7th or 8th playoff spot next season)

Chris Bosh - Chicago Bulls(He fits perfectly with chicago and with him there this finally gives the bulls that top notch scorer and in the paint presence that they have been longing for)

Joe Johnson - Atlanta Hawks(Atlanta aint that stupid)

Manu Ginobili - Real Madrid or Stays with San Antonio(He's begining to show age in his form and is thinking of the possibility of going back to Europe)

Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat(I see miami getting a another name player. That signing of that player should convince D-Wade to stay. But look for Chicago Bulls to throw everything including the sink just to get him)

Mike Redd - Dallas Mavericks(Dallas has no natural SG. This move could also resurrect Redd's Career)

Paul Pierce & Ray Allen - Boston Celtics(Ray gets 1 year paul gets 2-4 years. expect one more year from the big 3)

Monta Ellis - Indiana,Miami,Portland,New York(Could be one of the hottest PG's on the market though he's not a FA. Look for Golden State to use him as trade bait for a draft pick and a garbage player)


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    LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers- Barring anything short of his teammates 🤬 the bed in the playoffs again, I think he goes back

    Carlos 🤬 - Miami Heat- Gives Wade another all star to run with

    Chris Bosh - He'll think about the Thunder if he wants to win. I can see him in Chicago tho

    Joe Johnson - New York Knicks- Maybe its not NY but I think Joe is leaving ATL

    Manu Ginobili - SA Spurs- He retires a spur

    Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat- Chicago would def be a good look, and if they can get Bosh he goes there, but if not he stays in Miami

    Mike Redd - Cleveland wouldnt be a bad look. They have Moon and Parker but I think both guys only signed 2 year contracts

    Paul Pierce & Ray Allen - Boston Celtics- I hope they both go back to Boston

    Monta Ellis - Anywhere. They gotta move him and give the reigns to steph curry. Memphis for OJ Mayo wouldnt be a bad look if Memphis is willing to make that deal again
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    i don't think monta is fa he just signed a 6 year deal 2 years ago
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    LeBron James - Cavs, not only will it be his best chance to get a ring, but dude will make more money staying in Cleveland rather than leaving and hes said he wants to be the first billionaire athlete

    Carlos 🤬 - The Bulls, he could go to the heat but I think Bosh will go there first

    Chris Bosh - Heat, He got to be tired of losin why go to Chicago or NY

    Joe Johnson - Knicks, even though Hawks are winning it dont matter, he left Suns fast paced winning system for a bad team hell do the same again

    Manu Ginobili - The Spurs, like the other guy said He'll retire a spur

    Dwayne Wade - Miami, Chicago wouldnt have the space to sign two big free agents and thats the only way he leaves.

    Mike Redd - Knicks, he would be a good look for the Cavs but with Mo being so terrible at D, I dont think they want to add a 2 guard who cant guard neither

    Paul Pierce & Ray Allen - Pierce Celtics, Ray I honestly dont know, Celts seem to want to get rid of him who knows if theyll even offer
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    mane, if memphis get monte(even tho ion wan see oj go) and keep rudy...they gon make da playoffs...

    i aint even know mike redd was a fa...but he still gon be recoverin from dat acl so we gon have to see bout dat...

    i really think if amare goes anywhere, i hope its miami...that would be exciting..
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    Amare Stoudemire - New York Knicks(New York waited for a very long ass time to get a premier player this could be the only player that they get this summer. Could also go to Miami,Chicago, or back to Phoenix)

    Leandro Barbosa - New York Knicks(Mike D'Antoni looks at him as a second rate joe johnson. With barbosa on the knicks your looking at a guy that can give you at least 15 per night and don't forget D'Antoni wants half of his players that played under him in phoenix)
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    Lebron - New York Knicks....when it happens, the whole NBA world gon stop ya all gon be mad

    Dwade - he'll stay in Miami

    Chris Bosh - for some reason i think he'll be a birdass 🤬 and go to the Heat instead of the Knicks

    Amare - New York Knicks, we all know he wants to play for Mike D'Antoni again

    Carlos 🤬 - Chicago Bulls, i think he'll be 1 of the last to sign...(and Detroit doesnt have the cap space to sign him after being 🤬 stupid and signing Villanueva and Ben Gordon to big time deals)

    Joe Johnson - he'll stay in Atlanta where they are just 1 or 2 pieces away from championship contention

    Ginobli - theres talk about him goin overseas but i think he'll retire a Spur, but he might only sign a 2 or 3 year deal

    is Michael redd a free agent? i aint know that

    Monta Ellis is not a free agent, Barbosa is not a freeagent, and i dont think that Golden State would just give Monta away
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    who ya think gon sign David Lee??

    i honestly can say i have no clue who is gonna sign him
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    Lebron - Resign
    Wade - Resign
    Bosh - New York
    Joe Johnson - resign
    David Lee - Bulls
    Rudy 🤬 - Bulls
    🤬 - Miami
    Amare - resign or Miami
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    Pierce isn't a free agent this year...he's a free agent next year...
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    Man the Knicks can have Joe Johnson, we dont want that 🤬 nor do we need him. Joe is a good player but he aint tough enough mentally to run the show. He needs to go to a team like the Cavs where he can play second fiddle to LeBron. Joe Johnson is on Scottie Pippen status, any team that gets him and expects him to lead a team is out they damn mind. Hawks got some (emphasis on some) money to play with, I hope we can get Bosh to come to the A, and throw the dueces at Joe flake ass
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    who ya think gon sign David Lee??

    i honestly can say i have no clue who is gonna sign him

    Pending on what the knicks do only team i think he fits well on is portland possibly being the new starting center. przybilla is getting in age and oden is always hurt and it could be time to have him come off the bench