the true hip hop icon

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young jeezy proves night and and day out that he is the best who ever did it.


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    Icon? None of these hip hop dudes are Christ. They dont walk their word, i'd say if anyone though, it would have to be Tupac.

    When they killed him, they stagnated hip hop. It has not been able to grow since. Him making it to be a politician or whatever his mouth would have got him into, would have set the pace for many of the misguided thugs that didnt understand what it really meant at his passing.

    Lol @ Jigga being the anti-icon

    Remember icons are fictitious, just media hogwash
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    I'm a Jeezy fan but Jeezy and icon aren't words that should be mentioned together
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    Jeezy Aint Even The Best Rapper In Atlanta
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