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I had the weirdest.....



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    well just so you know I am in no way joking. a close friend of mine when was your age smoked.. but due to his weakness to it or whatever you wanna call it.. he started to suffer from psychosis and is now permanently on meds..
    after couple years of smoking eh started saying to me and others he was jesus.. i said oh ok.. and laughed .. and he was dead serious.. then started the dreams.. but hsi were different in way that he really believed his mother was stabbing him in his sleep an by morning he could heal himself.. and in his mind these things were actually happening no matter what we said... not to mention many many other things but don't believe that weed won't flip you out, this may not be the situation here, and some condone it, well and good. just be aware that it can happen to you, or anyone.

    thanks for the heads up i think
    but everyone is a lil insane
    no one is normal because that state of being doesnt exist