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Only i Will conquer My wife



  • The DouceThe Douce Members Posts: 1,690 ✭✭✭
    my first wifey of 5 years was a 🤬 . im having better sex with new 🤬 who wasnt. humans are such 🤬 animals when you think about it..
  • GnawledgeableGnawledgeable Members Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭
    haute wrote: »
    Lol @ a baby meaning you've conquered someone one, that says a lot about what you and the woman you get have to offer or lack thereof

    Men sell themselves way too short

    Lol. Ya'll focused on the conquer word too much. To be simple, I want to be the first she has a child with. The rest is the explanation why. Ya'll bringing up body count and 🤬 which doesn't matter.
  • unRealLady1unRealLady1 Members Posts: 1,081 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Guess what. Men lie, PAP SMEAR DONT LIE! I think some people just want to see the inside of someones P***Y... to know they havent been with many people.

    people keep calling people out for 🤬 they are not doing. & thinking they are exposing them. But you expose yourself, and the fact you don't know the person you calling out. Because it's someone who knows that person, and it's someone that been in a spot you havent.

  • -Vincenzo--Vincenzo- Members Posts: 3,374 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2012
    ATTS wrote: »
    No 🤬 that when you meet a female that she's done been with plenty of guys and done who knows what. Now her having a child is actual proof that she loved or been involved. So as for my preference , I wouldn't want to wife a single mother because I will feel second place to a lame. To me that's like sloppy seconds. Think about it, some man already laid claim to your wife before you did. Smh.

    Once again, no 🤬 that a guy could've busted nuts up in her while she was on birth control, that's different because no child was born. So with a woman I'll be with for the rest of my life, I'm go be the only one bustin' nuts, making kids with her.

    your future wife has prolly been having sex since 13......lets say u get married at 27....... thats 14 yrs of other 🤬 up in her....... dont forget her freaky highschool yrs....college yrs...i night stands, fwb, random 🤬 ..... she has been taken already bro...prolly had abortion.......

    oh, we got some harvard graduate in here. welcome bro, please introduce us to the classy females you gather around you
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