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Lil Wayne-My Homies Still-ft Big Sean (produced by Streetrunner)



  • Bcotton5
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    Kame wrote: »
    Free Turk


    Im Not A Human Being 2 coming soon
  • Bcotton5
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    GSonII wrote: »
    You wack ass bloggers are so stupid and corny and spend your lives wanting to be down with 🤬 you don't even understand. What the 🤬 is saying Free Turk on a record going to do for Turk? Not a 🤬 thing just makes Wayne's Lil Bow Wow ass look real. You hoe ass bloggers are such 🤬 ass fakes and stupid mutherfuckers

  • Sion
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    edited June 2012
    Good way to undermine Pusha T and safely turn around and say there's "no beef". Thus making everyone forget about the whole situation SMH. Like 🤬 said ALL them 🤬 is wack, but 🤬 if Wayne is a weak battle MC what can he do but pull some 🤬 like this. If he continues he'll only lose more, he's takin a page outta Jay-Z's book, passive aggression, underhanded moves and reputation. Wayne hit Pusha w/ the mirror move LOLOL.

    SMFH @ Big Sean, 🤬 was used. Wayne played his ass SMH, this will be a promo single that will be forgotten in a weak. Stupid 🤬 shoulda turned down the track and stayed outta the 🤬 . LOLOLOL @ the song title.
  • MR.CJ
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    wayne on larry holmes status
  • Bawse D.Lox
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    nice ass track.

    big sean, merked Wayne on this track. 🤬 sounded like Drake on the last verse tho.

  • DOPEdweebz
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    Big sean been killing the features game since his meh album.
  • FucktheIC
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    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    $pyda wrote: »
    Track was recorded 2 months ago.

    Lol at this post being conveniently skipped

    these camps been beefing for nearly 2 years now. no excuses. what the 🤬 is your labelmate doing recording songs with the enemy. thats 🤬 🤬 . that unorganized and thats desperate. so i see kanye picked up some of jay z faggy traits by picking and choosing battles. Its the middle of 2012 and Kanye and Jay Z still making stupid ass fans come up with the lamest excuses to defend their femine behavior. pathetic as 🤬

    "it was recorded 2 months ago"...er ok. 2 months ago the baby money line still existed. 2 months ago the deuces remix existed. 2 months ago 🤬 T had that diss on ice. that 2 months ago 🤬 dont hold no weight

    So cuz YOU got beef, I can't get paid for a feature?

    🤬 that. Kanye workin' with Lil' Wayne. Pusha's beef is Pusha's beef, not GOOD Music's.
  • Chuchk
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    I swear if this 🤬 gets popular....
  • Bcotton5
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    Chuchk wrote: »
    I swear if this 🤬 gets popular....

    It will

  • wmj710
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    Chuchk wrote: »
    I swear if this 🤬 gets popular....
    Why wouldn't it this a banger.
  • Bcotton5
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    wmj710 wrote: »

    Chuchk wrote: »
    I swear if this 🤬 gets popular....
    Why wouldn't it this a banger.

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