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On The Flying Spagetti Monster

blue falcon
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Just a few thoughts on the flying spagetti monster argument atheist love to use.


  • perspective@100
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    I never seen someone delve so deep into the most rediclous jargon
  • Jay Pee
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    Ugh....I am not a believer in 🤬 anymore, but I leave open the possibility of there being something more out there....the universe is full of mystery, but anyhow that flying spaghetti monster things is lame and annoying Richard Dawkins says that damn quote all the time and it never gets funnier its stupid and sounds childish.
  • whar67
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    The failure of this arguement was demostrated at Kitzmiller v. Dover. Intelligent Design was ruled to be creationism by a new name. This was shown to be literally true by the book Panda's and People. The publisher had simply replace 🤬 or creator with Intelligent Designer and creation with design.

    Even if I accept ID at face value the Flying Spaghetti Monster is still a valid to the actions of the Kansas School board. They were alter the definition of science to allow for supernatural explaination and introducing science into the classroom that had not been throughly researched and vetted. ID and FSM have almost identical research support . So it is reasonable to challenge the School board to justify their actions or explain why FSM should be exclude while ID is not.