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Heroin makes comeback as cheap, easy to find drug amid prescription pill crackdown

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June 7 - Heroin makes comeback as cheap, easy to find drug amid prescription pill crackdown - ThatHustle.com

Once it was easier to get high from a forged prescription than by meeting with a dealer on a street corner.

No more.

More and more young people are choosing heroin as a drug of choice in the wake of national prescription drug crackdowns and stricter rules, reports MSNBC.

Health authorities are dismayed to find that deadly narcotic in places where it hadn’t been seen as a major problem in the recent past: New York, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, Illinois and Missouri, according to 2011 Justice Department statistics.

How can heroin be easier to come by than what’s behind the pharmacy counter?

Drug companies are creating painkillers that resist crushing and snorting. Prices for medications like Oxycontin and Tylenol with codeine are sky high at anywhere from $30 to $80 a pill, MSNBC reports.

Heroin is cheaper - an addict can high on a $10 bag.

The Justice Dept. points to the increase of heroin production in Mexico and more sophisticated transport of the drug throughout the American Southwest Border, dubbed “the primary pipeline for U.S. heroin supplies.”

Illegal poppy cultivating in Mexico is second only to Afghanistan.

The Justice Dept. believes the the overwhelming majority of heroin producted in Mexico is destined for the U.S. market.

On the East Coast, authorities are noticing a sharp uptick in Mexican-sourced “black tar” heroin -- a brown morphine derivative -- in places where only purer “white powder” had been seen.

New heroin users are more likely to die since they’re unfamilar with dosage.

Increased overdoses have been reported in 60 U.S. counties in at least 30 states.

It’s not just pill-poppers who are making the switch to heroin. 🤬 users are switching too.

🤬 availabilty in the U.S. is at its lowest in years and dealers are only too happy to switch substances.

Still, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription painkillers are killing more people than heroin -- for now.

In 2009, heroin was involved in 213,118 visits to the emergency room, according to DrugAbuse.gov.

In contrast, the nonmedical use of pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements caused more than 1.2 million visits to the emergency room.

The prescription drugs of choice for over half of patients were 🤬 /opioid analgesics such as hydrocodone and oxycodone.

Source: NY Daily News

June 7 - Heroin makes comeback as cheap, easy to find drug amid prescription pill crackdown - ThatHustle.com


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    HOP aint went nowhere that 🤬 still in the hoods across america, there's old heads that been using that 🤬 since the 60's
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    🤬 . All you need is $5 to get high for an hour or two.
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    Heroin aint that cheap up here, 50 dollars for .1 gram. im sure it gets you high as 🤬 tho, never heard of anyone selling a 10 dollar bag of heroin. that would be microscopic
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    herion never left to make a comeback

    🤬 been on that 🤬 since vietnam
    that the one drug that wont go away