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3 YARD BOYS (Legendary NY Graf/Bombing Crew)

waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of SelfOn The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited June 2012 in The Reason

3yb started during the early '70s in the Three Yard in Harlem with members like JACE 2,
STAN 153 and ROME 150. 3yb expanded to all city during the mid '70s with writers like CLIFF 159, JESTER, PEACE 108,TEE, STIM among others. 3yb became quite possibly the most famous bombing crew ever. This crew had more true all city kings than almost any crew in history.

Other writers to put up 3yb were DUKE 9 , AFX2, DIABLO,TERO, IN, DEAN, SLAVE, DISCO, ROGER, CHINO 174, BEN 167, KODAK 2 and many others. As with other prestigious crews, 3yb fell victim to loose recruitment. Writers would put up 3yb because a friend of a friend of a recruiter said they could. This made it difficult to determine which writers had obtained legitimate membership.

In the late 1990s STAN 153 resurrected 3yb with contemporary talent such as KEO and others.


STAN 153 stan9.jpg

CLIFF 159 Cliff159_Graffiti365_p70.jpg
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    good fucking drop
  • waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of Self On The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭
    STAN 153 3361061708_a63ceb28ba.jpg

    BEN 4102028080_57acca190d.jpg
    Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

  • waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of Self On The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Where and what year did you start writing on trains?
    I started writing in Queens in 1973.

    What inspired you to become involved in writing?
    Seeing all the buses in my neighborhood all painted up to where you couldn't see out the windows was what sold me to this art form.

    Did you have a mentor?
    Yes! His name is FUGIE 2. He was from The Bronx. He gave me my first Uni and introduced me to my very first visit to the train yard.

    Who influenced your style?
    It was a combination of a few people but I must give TRUE 2 the edge because we were together a lot and he loved to help amp up your lettering. However RHINO, TEAR, and FUGIE helped out on a couple of occasions.

    How did you get the name KODAK?
    I was getting some film developed and that yellow and red sign caught my eye, and the name itself wasn't being used so I claimed it.

    List all the other names under which you painted?
    CHEEZE, DR. KOOL, MR. KOOL. None of which made any noise in the tunnel.

    What borough are you originally from?
    I'm from Queens.

    What lines have you hit?
    The E, F, EE, GG, A, J, and the M trains I also had three pieces on the IRT 3 and 5 lines.

    Who were your most successful partners?
    In the beginning it was FUGIE 2,and KENON 35. After that it was the whole Parsons Bench family.

    What crews have you written for?
    TK (The Killers), SSB (Stone Soul Brothers), 3YB (The Three Yard Boys).

    Did you have any memorable conflicts with other crews on the subway?
    Yes we had many. That was part of the game, but one sticks out a little I can't remember the year but PAUL (STOP 2) had left our bench and started to hang with CLIFF and his crew (3YB) smoking and drinking and out of the blue they jumped him gave him a black eye took his markers and books so he came crying to us at Parsons. Me, SOUL, TRUE, PAUL, and some other folks went to 149th Street, but couldn't find CLIFF, however we did find some other writers and kindly returned the favor who they were we didn't know. All we knew is that they had markers and was from The Bronx.

    Any good raid stories?
    I got raided once in The Three Yard, but it was over quick. But here is a good story for you. Me, TEE 3YB,LIL SOUL, KONG 1,CADD, and I believe XL-5 was racking up out in Five Towns (2 weeks after STIM's passing) and was on our way home when a lady in a car accidentally splashed TEE with water. He was heated so we followed as best we could to see where she parked her car and we all went inside this shopping center asking who car it was, and when we got no response we went out and TEE tagged his name on the whole side of her car along with a tag or two from us. As we begin to walk away security picked up the chase. With no where to hide we all ran into the swamps that surrounded the mall and got caught. Everyone except TEE who started the whole thing by getting splashed, and writing on her car. They let us go a few hours later (KONG 1, and CADD were older so they were kept), and when we finally caught up with TEE he had told us he had to stay inside that swamp water until night fell and that he had to ride all the way to Brooklyn smelling like sewer water that was crazy.

    Did you go to Atlantic Avenue, 149th Street, Parsons, Blvd. or Continental Avenue writer's benches and if so do you have any interesting memories?
    I have been to Atlantic Avenue bench once to link up with STIM, DIABLO, TEE, and some other writers however that was the day we lost STIM. Only been to 149th Street once and that was to look for CLIFF (RIP.). Parsons, and Continental was like home base for us Continental had UNCLE JOHN, TEAR, JESUS, DUKE, EX, and one good snack stand that sold everything we mainly went there to see what we did on the EE. GG line relations wasn't that good between our benches because we knew that UNCLE JOHN was snitching, and helping to get writers busted. Parsons was home for us. Paradise! Just meeting different people down on Parsons and the closeness that we shared made our bench successful and memorable.

    Are there any writers of your era that you feel need more acknowledgements in history?
    Yes! LIL SOUL 159, LOOT 153, KOP-OUT, KEO, REO, DEO, TRUE 2,SIN 158, XL5, PAUL, STAR 206, MINGO, TOKE, VIPER, RHINO, SNIPER, NAIL 170, KONG 1, CADD, MR. ED, SOFIVE, Rover226, ROB 1,TEE, KODAK 2 (smiles), SHAUN 67 (RIP), SUPER KID, MANO, KEITH67, KENON 35, FUGIE2, OZ109, EX 1, (DUKE 9 honorable mention again), TEAR, JESUS, (two mad letterers), and LAW MANÉ For those that I forgot please forgive me it's been 30 years.

    When did you quit painting trains?
    Actually I started losing interest around the time that STIM lost his life in the tunnels. But I officially hung up my Flo-Master pen in 1978.

    Here's an added story for you. Me and KENON 35 was in the E Tunnel when we heard two people arguing so we peeped around the corner and there was DUKE 9 and EX 1 going at it. Me and KENON just watched for a second, because EX 1 even though he was much younger and smaller then DUKE he put up a good fight until DUKE bust him in the head with a can of Krylon and looked like he was about to third rail! This is when me and KENON put a stop to it. DUKE was really mad and if I'm not mistaken it was because EX 1 followed him into the lay-up and as we all know DUKE is a soloist.

    Any closing words?
    Thanks for providing a way for us writers to stay in touch with what we once ate, slept, and drank, and for those that are still out there no throw-ups please.
    Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

  • StillFaggyAFStillFaggyAF Queer LGBT CommunityPosts: 40,358 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of Self On The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Where and when did you start (on trains)?
    I started writing on the INDs in '72 or so, on what you call brown coalmines, we called klonkers, you had to use silver paint cause the train suck that sh*t up. I had to rack pound cans of silver to get a good piece or tag up.

    What borough are you originally from?
    I am originally from Hollis,Queens.

    What was unique about your part of town for writing?
    See, the other boroughs had the train running through them. Queens had the buses. So the sh*t was to king the hood then the buses then move to the trains.

    What lines have you hit?
    I was all city in by 76.

    What yards and lay-ups would you hit?
    I started hitting Es, Fs, GGs, EEs, Cs. I'd go to all the lay ups from 169th to Union Turnpike. Then under Union Turnpike station there was a tunnel that took you to the yard. Just before you got out to the yard there was a place you could do top to bottoms. I also hit the pull in pull out at 179st. I hit Grant yard, the D yard next to Tracy Towers I also hit. I hit the 7s in the yard, 15 writers strong bombing. Kingston Ave. Brooklyn top to bottom lay up. J elevated before they demoed it. Grant pull in pull out. Sh*t I can't even remember all the names.

    Did you hit many of the old brown Coalmine IND cars?
    The old coal miners where my first hits, I did a floating piece over the windows, sh*t the fellas where laughing at me. After that I made sure I would bring a flash light.

    What crews have you written for?
    I wrote with G.W. Ghost Writers, Soul Killers, Soul Bus Killers, TOP and 3yb.

    How did you join 3yb?
    I was picked by Cliff 159 to be in 3yb. See at the time I was king of the insides Es and Fs which turned to the Ds, As etc.. So they came to see the Queens writers at Continental Blvd. that was the bench for the Queens boys, and the ones who came to see us was CLIFF 159, TEE and STIM ONE (rest in peace). So about five of us where picked UNCLE JOHN 178, TEAR 1, TRUE 2, LIL SOUL 159 and myself. About three weeks after that STIM died.

    Name all the 3ybs crew members that were writing during your era.
    I'll tell you there where many 3ybs. Sh*t! CLIFF 159, TEE, STIM, DIABLO, JESTER, SOFIVE, I wish I could remember them all.

    What writers have you painted with?

    Who were the major cops when you were writing?
    The cops at that time were Batman and Robin, and Artie.

    Do you have any good raid stories?
    I went piecing with IN, KIT, NIC we met up at IN''s projects up on 149th Street and we hit the D yard heavy. IN and I had been racking at Steinway in Queens all day. Had a good 25 cans myself. So we get in trough the station one bar missing on station .see I also wrote de one so in and I just bombed DEin every car. Sh*t we must of had 100 or better throw ups. KIT and NIC where doing a whole car wild style burner. Then Artie and his boys grabbed NIC by the pants and handcuffed him. KIT came running to me. Sh*t my ass ran under the train and grabbed KIT, so as not to panic. IN disappeared. KIT and I got out at 3 am right though the gates, fu*k the station! About 3 weeks later a warrent came to my house. Only one that did not get busted was IN aka KILL 3. Now you take a guess how they knew we where there?

    In the early 1970s a punitive measure taken by the MTA made writers buff stations. Many writers met and made plans while buffing. Do you have any memories of that?
    YEAH I GOT BUSTED TWICE. ONE TIME SET UP BY UNCLE JOHN 178 . I am glad that muther fucter is doing time, rat bastard. I scrubbed at Brooklyn Museum, met JESTER and a lot of toys. Second time they made me a weekend warrior in Rikers. I stopped then.

    Did you ever watch trains at the 149st Grand Concourse, or Brooklyn bridge or Atlantic Avenue or other writers benchs ?
    I go to 149, Atlantic, Continental blvd writers would always show up in Queens we meet at the library at 169 the terminal.

    What are you doing currently?
    I am a contractor I build things. Also trying to get on the books as a writer for the 70s.

    People write in Germany, Japan, California, all over the world. Would you have ever suspected that this would happen?
    I never thought graffiti would raise like this.

    Any closing words?
    Yo, thanks for letting me get my word in. If any one wants to dispute this give them my e-mail Peace DISCO 3yb
    Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

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    This is good stuff.
  • Lou_CypherLou_Cypher Make Reasonable Choices. H. E. Double Hockey SticksPosts: 52,385 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shits so dope, wish i knew how to do stuff like this.
  • waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of Self On The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Lou Cypher wrote: »
    Shits so dope, wish i knew how to do stuff like this.

    word i remember in the mid 80's as a youngsta i tried my hands in all the elements in hip-hop even i was know good at graffitti it was just part of the culture to represent all the elements

    Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

  • waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of Self On The Road to ZionPosts: 9,407 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Flashback Friday, Respect The Architects

    Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

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