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One Perfect Moment.

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Share with the board some of your favorite comic book moments (scans would be appreciated)

This is from Green Arrow/Black Canary #4: the context is that Connor Hawke (the second green arrow and the son of the first and most prominent Green Arrow, Oliver Queen who is the Green Arrow of the title) has just been shot while the group was leaving Paradise Island. Connor is losing blood fast and the group is no where near a hospital. What to do?




(apologize for the size)

....I like this scene so much because in just three pages, Judd Winick encapsulates the essence of what Superman should represent and why he's an enduring icon. He's supposed to bring hope to the hopeless. He's supposed to be able to save you when no one else can. His power to inspire hope is so strong that even the other superheroes, who are just as capable and have done some incredible feats. turn to him when they themselves are in peril. Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee conducted a similar scene with Kyle Rayner as the one needing saving in their For Tomorrow Arc, but it wasnt pulled off nearly as well as it was here.

So share some....


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    Im relatively new to comics so i havent read anything before current issue's. Mine would probably be in the earlier issues. I beleive it was issue 3 or 4 of The New Guardians when the Yellow lantern Arkillo came to save Kyle Rayner and Saintwalker. Just dope team 🤬 from a group of people who's corps all hate eachother (except blue and green) still one of my favorite series'