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Exotic animals should be banned!

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I was watching a t.v. show about snakes in Florida, where they're are everywhere. They said the owners let the snakes go and they end up in people's backyards, killing people and animals. Also in Ohio when that man released tigers, lions and other animals. So I feel why the 🤬 you need animals like that for anyway? Are the states this stupid to let people own these kind of animals knowing they can be released? People are reckless with dogs anyways. If people want to see these kind of animals, go to the zoo.


  • rage
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    Co-sign. The only place where exotic/wild animals should be seen or kept is in a government regulated zoo.
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    i like how there's no middle ground between "people can do whatever they want with these animals" and "BAN EVERYTHING"
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    Yea...out here in Miami we got 🤬 pythons in the Everglades competing with alligators for food.
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