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Monster mom gets 32 years for starving tot to death, says: I'm a good parent

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June 6 - Monster mom gets 32 years for starving tot to death, says: I'm a good parent - ThatHustle.com

Carlotta Brett-Pierce was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison for abusing and starving her daughter to death.

The monster mom convicted of abusing and starving her little daughter to death was sentenced to 32 years to life in prison Wednesday — but not before she claimed she was a good parent.

"I want people to see I'm a loving and caring mother of three," Carlotta Brett Pierce, 32, said, referring to her 4-year-old girl — who died with only a kernel of corn in her belly — and her two surviving sons who are now in foster care.

"By no means am I a malicious or vindictive person."

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango was unswayed by the delusional appeal, giving Brett Pierce the maximum sentence and a hammering her over the brutal abuse Marchella Brett Pierce endured before her death in September 2010.


"Marchella lived in a hell created and maintained by you," DiMango said. "She was imprisoned in the secrecy of her home, where she was supposed to be safe."

A disturbing picture emerged during the five-week trial of a sickly toddler, who after spending most of her short life in medical facilities, was not being fed properly and repeatedly beaten.

When the girl tried to sneak food from the fridge, she was tied to her SpongeBob SquarePants bed and given medications to keep her sedated. She weighed less than 19 pounds at the time of her death.

Her mother referred to her with vile vulgarities in a recorded phone conversation from jail.

Brett Pierce tried to put blame on social services for not helping with the special needs child, even as trial evidence indicated that she never even took Marchella to the doctor in the seven months she was under her care.

"I'm not perfect," Brett Pierce said. "I lacked the knowledge, education and economics to care for such a sick baby."

While taking responsibility for some mistakes, she added: "I do not accept responsibility for the actual death of my daughter because I didn't, in fact, 🤬 her."

But the judge didn't buy any of that, noting that while Marchella's hospital caretakers were almost in tears when testifying about the child, the only emotion from her mom was apathy.

"What kind of a person would do this to a child, let alone her own child?" she asked the defendant. "You demonstrate that type of person."

DiMango also gave the maximum sentence to the tot's grandmother Loretta Brett, 57, who was convicted of manslaughter for failing to prevent the death.

The grandma, who slept in the same room as Marchella, was sent upstate for 5 to 15 years.

She could have saved the child from her nightmare, said prosecutor Jacqueline Kagan. "Not by throwing herself in front of a train," she added. "Save by giving the girl food."

The defense argued that the kid's father, Tyrone Pierce, also should have been prosecuted. He now has a pending multi-million lawsuit against the city.

Two other people who were charged in the case are the social workers assigned to the family. Their trial for criminally negligent homicide is expected next year.

In setting the stiff sentences, DiMango said, she was sending a message that "children do matter in society and they do have a voice, even in death."

She barred Brett Pierce from having any contact with her other kids, ages 7 and 3, for the next 100 years.

The oldest boy, Tymel, took the stand at trial and, while prepping him, Kagan said, "I've never seen a child that traumatized."

Marchella's brother, who witnessed many of the crimes against her, still misses his sister dearly, the prosecutor said. He even brought her something to eat and drink when he came to her funeral.

"I hope she gets enough food and water in heaven," Kagan quoted him as saying.

Source: NY Daily News

June 6 - Monster mom gets 32 years for starving tot to death, says: I'm a good parent - ThatHustle.com