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Will Smith rigged his career for $$$. Bill Simmons on Will Smith as an actor.



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    🤬 said Depp the GOAT actor like Daniel Day-Lewis retired or some 🤬 .
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    young chad wrote: »
    And by the 🤬 way...Will Smith's entire career is "a chance"...this writer might not know just how hard it is to get a film funded LET ALONE something with a black lead character and a budget over say...5mil...Will Smith has knocked down a lot of the same doors in the movie biz as he did in the music biz...it's 🤬 sad that people give him the same criticism (always in hindsight mind you) when people come behind him and do things slightly bigger, maybe even better...BECAUSE he opened the door for them to do so. Will Smith is truly a once in a generation type of human being when it comes to entertainment...he's MICHAEL JACKSON without the pain pill addiction/affinity for remaining a 9 year old...Will Smith honestly gets WAY too much flack for being a "good" guy. WTF @ this article "he'd never show us bad cop Will Smith "bad husband will smith" etc..and WHY the 🤬 should he?! We get enough "black people are subpar humans" in movie type roles...we don't need our biggest star taking those roles too...in reality they WANT him to take those roles so he can be humbled and have "someone else" over his head...knock him down a rung and say..."stay in your place 🤬 , and appreciate what we give you"...who the 🤬 wants to see Will Smith as Django unchained...killing crackas in a movie where the black lead is getting repeatedly 🤬 ...he has INTERNATIONAL fans that ARENT about that SLAVE LIFE to please...Japanese, British, Russian fans etc don't want to see Will Smith taking a whip to the back...only white america wants to see that 🤬 ...

    trill 🤬
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    darkrain wrote: »
    I, Robot 2

    I, Robot 2? Srsly b? I'll even give ol Black-Superhero-Who's-Weakness-Is-Literally-White-Women sequel a pass, but I, Robot 2? Who the 🤬 even remember that flick?
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    I heard that Last Pharaoh got cancelled? Is it true?
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    knights wrote: »
    Don't forget dude turned a full scholarship to M.I.T. He's not the typical "rapper-turned-actor." Furthermore, this is blatant hating.

    Props on the 6 Degrees thing, though. I thought for sure he kissed dude. Will even undid Chappelle's theory on how they always want to punk a black man by making him do something 🤬 (cross dressing, wearing a dress, being 🤬 , etc.).

    Not exactly, according to wikipedia:
    It is untrue, though widely reported, that Smith turned down a scholarship to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); he never applied to the school, although he was admitted to a "pre-engineering program" there. According to Smith, "My mother, who worked for the School Board of Philadelphia, had a friend who was the admissions officer at MIT. I had pretty high SAT scores and they needed black kids, so I probably could have gotten in. But I had no intention of going to college."
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    For all the people saying Will was Dumb for doing MIB3 over Django:

    "Men In Black 3"
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $171,934,000 28.6%
    + Foreign: $430,238,266 71.4%
    = Worldwide: $602,172,266

    This joint looking at 650-700 Worldwide and Will shouldn't of done it?, SMH. WILL just won't lose, making MIB3 was a smart move after taking 4 years off.


    Haters speak up cause Will can't hear you.

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    What's the difference between Jamie foxx and Will Smith?
    Will Smith's movies make more money.
    The only thing Will hasn't done is play a villain but other than that despite him picking bad movies he makes money off them anyway.

    Also 🤬 the author for insinuating the legend of bagger vance wasn't a good movie.
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    Denzel>Will>Eddie acting, in that order.

    🤬 the box office stats. (which are still owned by Murph as of now)

    I would LOVE to see Will switch it up and play something more of an antagionist. 🤬 out there like Super Cena at the box office to a generation of movie goers that don't know 🤬 .

    I like Willie too, but Top 3 🤬 ? C'mon, Son. Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino are also still alive, so 🤬 that sentiment. Ali was the CLOSEST thing he played that was Oscar-worthy, and like my last topic suggests, I can name at least 10 movies by those four dudes (Jack, Denzel, Eddie, and DeNiro) that would smoke those movies.

    Simmons ain't too far off with this 🤬 . I would arguing he's being a 🤬 saying I, Robot was ass, but I know where he's coming from. We challenge most of our actors to diversify their roles. Will ain't no exception just cause nine-year-old kids and their single moms will see anything that has his face on it at the movies.
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    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $135,901,094 27.8%
    + Foreign: $352,100,000 72.2%
    = Worldwide: $488,001,094

    MIB 3 Gross Worldwide after only 3 weeks in theaters. Forgive Will for not wanting to play a Runaway Slave in a western, he already played a "Slave" character in "Bagger Vance" and a Western in "Wild Wild West". MIB 3 was a smart move after taking 4 years off and as it approaches 700 Million Worldwide, Will proves once again he's the biggest box office star in the world. The "Men In Black" Trilogy will have grossed over 1.7 Billion when this is over. So for the person that said, "Noboby will remember MIB 3", 700 Million reasons why that is not true.


    With 2 Oscar and Golden Glode Noms already, Will one day will get an Oscar.

    🤬 the bolded, that 🤬 wasn't no Western... funny movie though, entertaining
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    Will paid his dues. He was a very entertaining rapper. We all love the tv show, and he just, in more ways than one, transformed that character (his real self) into movies. it works. all those movies mentioned werent bad. well, i aint seen no Hitch.

    and Leo? Great in all his 🤬 , especially Inception. But i still see leo as a little boy. I dont see little 🤬 from philly when he acts anymore. he has grew since that movie "made in america."

    And six degrees of separation is really a good film. decent. Not 🤬 at all as one would think if they never seen it.
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    EXCLUSIVE: With Biblical epics the rage in Hollywood, here’s another. Will Smith is eyeing a film about battling brothers Cain and Abel as his directorial debut. The project is set at Sony in development and is being produced by Overbrook Entertainment. This has been in the arsenal for some time, and won’t be Smith’s next film, but it is an intriguing development for the actor and producer. The project has gone under the working title of The Redemption Of Cain, but I’ve confirmed that it’s now being developed as directing vehicle for Smith, who’ll likely star in the film as well.

    This comes as Darren Aronofsky starts production with Russell Crowe on Noah, and both Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott have Moses projects percolating.

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    Bill Simmons need to get off Leos 🤬 , maybe Will isnt getting fed scripts from Scorsesse like Leo is. Will doesnt only play action and alien movies, movies like 7 Pounds, Ali, etc different. As soon as Will make some artsy movie and it doesnt do 🤬 at the box office the same 🤬 would say he fell off or lost his touch.
  • Matt-
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    that might actually be a good movie. surprised nobody has made a biblical cain and abel movie (that i'm aware of).

    i think that could be a much better movie than the ones about Noah and Moses, but then again i trust spielberg and ridley scott directing great movies more than i'd trust will smith

    but the cain/abel story is much more interesting
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    usmarin3 wrote: »
    Bill Simmons need to get off Leos 🤬 , maybe Will isnt getting fed scripts from Scorsesse like Leo is. Will doesnt only play action and alien movies, movies like 7 Pounds, Ali, etc different. As soon as Will make some artsy movie and it doesnt do 🤬 at the box office the same 🤬 would say he fell off or lost his touch.

    he didn't say anything about Leo other than if will smith starred in those same movies, they would have all done better at the box office
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    Actually he was implying Leo does roles with more range even though every knows he cant act for 🤬 . Dude ruinned Blood Diamond with his 🤬 ass accent.
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    He said Leo is as good of an actor, but doesn't have the box office appeal smith does. That's not a diss towards smith or stanning for Leo.
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    Leo is not on Will Smiths level as an actor, Will has more range.
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    The only hiccup I see in Will's career is his choosing of Michael Mann over Spike Lee for director of "Ali."
    If Spike did it, you could guarantee that Denzel would have made a cameo as Malcolm X.

    Mann does better action scenes (films) than Spike, biops are not his forte.
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    Wait MIB3 grossed that much??? It wasn't even the best one! Lol! It was ok at best but, nevamind...*stands up and applauds Will*.

    But I like the rest of y'all, I don't see folks taking him serious are a villian either. Then again, if he does, he could play a good sociopath.
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    I used to be a massive fan of Will in the mid to late nineties concerning his films

    But I grew up .. Kinda
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    I don't know. White folk LOVE Tom Cruise, and he's been a hero-type in every movie except a one:


    And I don't give a 🤬 what y'all say, he did his thing in that 🤬 .

    Willie right now is on Super Cena level...we need a heel turn from that dude just once.