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This head scratching foot shuffling shuck & jiving negroid is the biggest UNCLE TOM EVER!!!!!

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I first head of Jesse Lee Peterson back in 2005 during a radio interview. I thought the interview was a studio prank b/c the dj who was interviewing him couldnt stop laughing. She was laughing so hard that I started laughing to. The more I listened to his answers the more I thought it was a joke. My co workers heard me laughing and thought I was listening to a comedy channel. They couldnt believe that I was listening to talk radio. I was the only black person who worked in the office and the only way I could describe Jesse Lee Peterson to my white co workers was to call him a real life black white supremicist i.e. Clayton Bixby from the Chappelle Show. It took me an hour realize this was no joke and Jesse Lee Peterson was a real guy who truly believed what he was saying. That was my introduction to Jesse Lee Peterson. As shocked as I was by old Jesse in 2005 this 🤬 here takes the 🤬 cake. Clareance Thomas, Flavor Flav, Allan West, Step and Fetch It, etc all come up short in the Uncle Tom category when compared to this negroroid. This 🤬 is unfucking believeable even for Jesse Lee Peterson...............