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WWE Midcarders trying to Form Union

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* There are many talents in WWE right now that feel it would be in WWE’s best interest to take care of the mid-card talents who are very frustrated, especially with Linda McMahon’s ongoing senate run. As noted earlier, there is a large group (20+ talents) who are seriously considering trying to start a union if things don’t change. There are enough guys right now who would be willing to do so, but the issue is they just need a top talent “leader”, such as a Rock, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio etc. who would stick up for them and push management to fairly compensate them. All three of the guys just mentioned have “gone to bat” for talents in the past and are very open to getting a union in place.

* As noted yesterday here on the website, A.W. was fired Friday from WWE due to two major points: first, and most obvious, was his tasteless and very non-PG Kobe Bryant reference/joke on RAW recently. The second, and equally as integral in the company’s decision to fire him, was not as obvious and involved the tweet regarding Linda McMahon.

* WWE releasing talent over travel and pay issues obviously isn’t going to look good for Linda McMahon and her senate run, especially if WWE continues to announce the releases on WWE.com and then have talents lash out on social media sites on the real reason they were fired and why they’re so 🤬 off with the company right now. Obviously, $500 bonuses for overseas tours isn’t going to keep guys happy. These are all-time lows as we’ve been reporting. A $500 bonus check is also ridiculously low considering WWE is making millions per overseas shows which usually have sold out houses and large merchandise sales.

* The moral of the story is that if they continue to fire mid-card guys, it’ll reflect badly on Linda McMahon’s “job creator” senate campaign. Also, if her opponents hear about how their talents are being treated these days, they’re going to run with it and blast her non-stop. This is also part of the reason mid-card talents are speaking out right now.

* Two guys that are really frustrated right now are Santino Marella and Zack Ryder. Santino has a lot of money saved and also has a full grown teenage daughter. Lots of guys have money saved but they love their job and would rather not lash out and “play it smart”. They simply want to be paid fairly. As noted earlier, more talents may come out on social media in the coming weeks unless things change. These guys love what they do and would rather stay with the company but they can only take so much before finally taking a stand.

* One source told us: “Loving what you do and being manipulated for what you do are two different things.”

* As previously noted, agents/producers get everything paid for (private flights, limos to the arena, hotels, etc.) while mid-card guys and Divas sit in coach, rent their cars and pay for hotels and food.

* Many guys were applauding AW’s tweet on Linda McMahon, where he stated: “Creates jobs my ass!! I’m fired thanks to you and your campaign.” Many feel the exact same way.

We can confirm that Santino Marella, Yoshi Tatsu, Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, Natalya, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and numerous Divas are just a few of the names who are frustrated. Again, they all want to speak out but are “being smart about it.”


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    Ryder got 🤬 .

    Dude created a name for himself and created his own gimmick, even ran with it on YouTube. Then he sells his soul to be U.S. Champ, then job. Now his YT show isn't the same ( always sucked though )

    Dude gave up YT, which was bringing him money, and lost it to Vince which now makes him money.
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    Well, if it keeps going that way, these guys need to head on over to TNA. Imagine, 20+ guys going to TNA? Gotdayum! Plus, they can title jack, bring over the title from the WWE to TNA.
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    Interesting...hopefully they get the results they want
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    well so long midcarders see ya in TNA

    WWE is about to be 3 hours of Cena,Punk,HHH,DB,AJ and afew others
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    WWE bout to hand out the biggest 'deavoring in the history of Dem Deavors
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    So they would go on strike and nobody would even notice it.....
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    Zack Ryder was too corny & horrible on the mic

    Natalya shouldve had a title reign.....same for Gail Kim too but Kelly Kelly get a title run smh

    Natalya & Gail Kim in the ring>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kelly Kelly
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    smh @ 🤬 foley and ric flair hoping for a talent strike just to find a reason to get back in the ring full time
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    WWE just has to many 🤬 .

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    3 hours and the mid card still can't get a run?
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    Its a shame that they got three hour Raws, all of Smackdown, Superstars, and NXT but still focus on a handful of people. And they wonder why they don't have any new stars.

    By the way all I could think of when I heard this was the group from back in the day

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    SMH at Linda McMahon spending 61million on her primary campaign, not the main election, but the primary. I can see how the wrestlers are 🤬 b/c the McMahons could break bread.


    Linda McMahon won her GOP Senate primary on Tuesday night after spending almost ten times as much as her opponent, but the astronomical, unbelievable number is how much she's spent trying to get elected so far: $61 million. When McMahon ran for Senate in 2010, she broke state records for out-of-pocket spending when the former WWE executive coughed up $50 million of her own fortune and still lost to Democrat Richard Blumenthal by 12 points. This time around, McMahon spent over $11 million dollars to defeat former Rep. Chris Shays, who only spent about $1.2 million. She tombstoned Hays at the polls Tuesday night, beating him with 73 percent of the vote. (Note: the wrestling puns were way worse the first time she ran.) McMahon gets to take on Democrat Chris Murphy for the chance to win Joe Lieberman's vacated Senate seat. So, there's only more to come. We just hope she thinks it's worth it.

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    them McMahons are ballin.

    with that said Vince should divorce her if she dont win this time $61 millie is just ridiculous
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    3 hours and the mid card still can't get a run?
    This also puzzles me a bit. They know that the majority of their main guys arent getting any younger. And apart from Bryan, Sheamus and Punk, have they created any new names over the past 5 or 6 years? I know ADR is one. But he was established long before coming to WWE and is 35.

    What i see is the usual bunch of Main Event guys and a bunch of bland as hell midcarders who are either entertaining (Santino & Ryder were that for a while) or flat out boring (Jinder Mahal, Reks, Hawkins). No wonder hat they signed Pac and Sara Del Rey