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make your own creepypasta raw or smackdown

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Do you have an idea for a creepy pasta raw or smackdown and for those of you who don't know what creepy pasta is , stories on the internet to disturb the reader.

mine is raw starts out a special 4 hour raw with jericho in a championship match with CM punk. Jericho lose this match because of a ziggler . After the match Zigger go on his usual rant about Jericho never able being able to win the big one. All while vickie is laughing in Jerichos face. After the match Jericho walks back stage with a sad look on his face.

next segment is John Cena at the make a wish foundation building. One of the kids ask John why the big show quit
wrestling. John with a confuse look on his face says he had no idea big show quit.

the next segment show zigger walking back to his locker
laughing about what he just did to Jericho. when he goes in
his locker room Dolph gets this big look of horror on his face.
the camera pans to dead vickie on the ground. Ziggler turn around to Jericho with an evil smile on his face.

next segment is josh matthew interviewing CM PUNK. In the middle of the interview a big gun shot is heard that scares both Josh and Punk. next you know you see emt and refs running to ziggler locker room while king and cole are looking shock like what just happened. raw switches back to ziggler lockerroom
where we see ziggler lying in a pool of blood with a bullethole in him. then it goes to commerial.

we come back to break with cole and lawler with shock faces
explaing that both vickie and dolph were both tooken to the hospital and raw will go on as usual and they wish both dolph and Vickie a speedy recovery ignoring that both are dead.
As the next match starts Jericho comes back out and kills both wrestlers and gets on the mic and talks about how WWE never
gives him respect and its all one persons fault. He point up to
the screen to show steph tie to an undertaker symbol and said he's gonna do the job undertaker couldn't do 13 years ago and
sacrifices steph. then camera pans backstage to a dead vince and a tie up triple H looking on tv with a shock look on his face.
the screen gos to black with steph screaming and Jericho evil laugh.

we came back from commerical with john at the make a wish hopsital. he turn off raw and trys to explain to the kids what just happened but the kids keep asking him about Big Show quiting.
then one one of the kids ask John another distburing question.
they ask john hown it feels to be dead. john looks with a confuse face asking the kid what. then a nurse roll in a bed with a dead john cena on the bed.

kane comes in laughing at a scare John cena and telling him that in a match with Big show he botch real badly and 🤬 john cena.then the tv turn to big show in his house crying with john cena death articles all around his house.
as john trys to run he see that all the kids have turn into demon
and kane yells to him welcome to hell john.

back at raw we see jericho standing at a grave plot laughing and throwing dirt down in the grave . the camera shows that its Triple H beaten up badly . raw ends with jericho saying now its my time to buried you 🤬 .