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ay don't even bother watching WWE's new saturday morning show.......

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.....if this is true

According to several high level sources within WWE, the new Saturday Morning Slam show, set to debut on the CW Network on August 25th, will carry an interesting, unspoken match rule due to the fact that the show is geared towards children.

WZ has learned that the matches taped for Saturday Morning Slam are not to feature moves aimed at the neck, which would include anything from a simple headlock to an RKO.

At this point the feeling is that moves performed to the neck might come off as too violent, so WWE is avoiding any type of offense that gives the appearance of "snapping" or targeting the neck area.

It remains to be seen if this is a rule WWE will adhere to long term, but it's being said that the first match taped for Slam, which took place at this week's Smackdown taping, did not feature any offense aimed at the neck.

so what moves can wrestlers do then??