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Who wins the AFC South ? Texans or Titans ?

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Titans were only 1 game out of the plaoyffs last year with a very off season. Texans got in with an explosive offense and was only ahead of Titans by a game.

Titans have 2 solid QBs and Jake Locker has a bright future with the franchise. If they can get Kenny Britt(would have bn top 5 last year minus injury) to top shape and get CJ back to dominance, it can be hell for alot of denfenses out there. Rookie WR Kendall Wright(RG3 go-to-WR) has been impressive this off season. Defense is young and should da D-Line should stay fresh with so much talent there. Secondary is solid too. LB might be the weekest part of the D. Titans can easily win 1-2 more games than last year and go 10-6 or 11-5.

Texans lose some steam on the defense but offense remain intact. 🤬 Foster will have a great year but not as good as last year. i think they only true threat is the Shaubb-Johnson connection. other than that i dont see this team winning the division this year. i think they swop places with the Titans and go 9-7 losing da wildcard spot to Bengals & Steelers.